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Join Now - Riparian Member Joining Form Download a PDF joining form or call us on 0844 77 00 616 (Option 1) to join or for the answers to any questions that you have.

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Join Now - Fishery Member Joining Form Download a PDF joining form or call us on 0844 77 00 616 (Option 1) to join or for the answers to any questions that you have.

Riparian Owners and Fisheries

Benefits of Membership

If you own river or still water fishing, you should join the Angling Trust and Fish Legal to protect your property rights and receive specialist support from experts.

Angling Trust and Fish Legal membership benefits include:
  • Automatic Public, Employer’s and Trustees’ liability insurance up to £10million, underwritten by Hiscox, to cover all your fishery needs
  • Free practical advice on a wide range of fishery matters
  • Free tailored legal advice from Fish Legal’s specialist lawyers on angling and fishery related matters
  • Free legal action by Fish Legal to stop anyone harming your fishery and to recover compensation for any damage done (see below for more info)
  • Campaigning and advocacy to statutory agencies and the government to protect fish and fishing
  • Advertising of your fishery to hundreds of thousands of anglers (optional)
  • Promotion of angling to people of all ages – providing your future customers
  • Discounted aquaculture equipment on everything from aerators to waders
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In addition, if your fishery turnover is less than £75,000 and you own a stillwater, you will also receive automatic fish stock cover up to £25,000 (this is available for a small additional fee for fisheries with a turnover over £75,000).

You can download the Schedule of Insurance HERE.

The Angling Trust & Fish Legal will send you regular advice briefings, for example on diffuse pollution, over-abstraction, canoeing and sources of funds for conservation and access work.
We will keep you informed of events as they happen with regular e-mail bulletins and newsletters so that you are the first to know about what the Angling Trust & Fish Legal have been doing for you and the latest news. 

What existing members say:

“As soon as I joined the Angling Trust and Fish Legal, the benefits for a Fishery Owner very soon became apparent. With Fisheries facing new challenges all the time, I believe all Riparian Owners & Fishery Owners cannot afford not to be members.  Having the knowledge that expert advice is a phone call away is a great reassurance”. Graeme Fanner (Fishery Owner).

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Riparian Owner Membership
This category is for individuals or organisations who own fishing in their own name and who either keep the fishing for their own use, or manage their fishing as a closed syndicate, or let the fishing under lease or licence to an angling club or fishery operator. It is not for clubs or commercial fisheries. If the fishing is directly managed on a commercial day and/or season- ticket basis then it is classified as a commercial fishery and Fishery membership will apply. 
The cost of riparian owner membership depends on the financial turnover of the fishing:
Nil or Less than £10,000 turnover per annum: £189p.a 
More than £10,000 turnover per annum: £250p.a

Fishery Membership
This category of membership is for all commercially run (i.e. day and season-ticket) fisheries and for any individual or commercial company owning fishing rights on a river or stillwater, which has an angling-related turnover in excess of £10,000.  The standard 12-month fishery membership subscription rate is £250, which can be reduced to £199 if the fishery offers individual members of the Angling Trust & Fish Legal a 10% discount for season and/or day tickets.  We will list these fisheries in ‘The 10% Club’ on our web site. Commercial fishery membership costs £250 p.a. or £199 p.a. for members of 10% club.

Fish Legal – further details
In the event that your fishing is damaged by pollution or other causes, where there is an arguable case and Fish Legal believes there is a reasonable chance of success, its lawyers will do whatever is possible to take action on your behalf and recover compensation for you.  You will be indemnified as a member against any costs of taking a case.

Membership also gives you access to a suite of Fish Legal factsheets covering the most common legal issues affecting riparian and fishery owners including poaching, liability for accidents, navigation and angling, riparian rights and what to do in the event of a pollution.

Get in touch
Please feel free to call our friendly and helpful team on 01568 620447 during office hours to find out more about Riparian or Commercial Fishery membership. For advice or queries about the inclusive insurance package, please contact our insurance provider Jelf on 01905 892372 or email

Contact: Angling Trust Eastwood House, 6 Rainbow Street, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 8DQ
Tel: 0343 5077006 (For Membership enquiries select Option 1) |
Calls to our 0343 number are charged at the same rate as normal landline numbers.
Office hours are Mon - Thu 9.00-5.00 and Fri 4.30. Please leave a message if you call outside these hours or email us.
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