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Restore Fish Stocks | Fish Need Homes Too | Stop Polluting Our Rivers | Stop Stealing Our Water!

A succession of governments should hang their heads in shame for the fact that we no longer have "plenty more fish in the sea". Many fish which were once regarded as a staple food have become rare and endangered as a result of generations of greedy overfishing, pollution and habitat destruction.

Commercial fishing techniques have ploughed up the sea bed habitat and decimated populations of fish and invertebrates in UK waters. Many tonnes of fish are thrown back dead into the water for every tonne of fish which ends up on our plates. Foreign trawlers are often not bound by rules to protect UK stocks, and enforcement of those rules which exist is completely inadequate.

Governments bow to the demands of some commercial fishermen, ignoring the fact that rod and line angling generates more money for the economy and employs more people and most importantly that the fish belong to us all. Catching fish with a rod and line is far more sustainable than dragging the depths with a net; anglers take what they need for the plate, can return alive any unwanted catch, target particular species and don't damage the sea bed.

What we will do:
  • Continue to fund our Marine Environmental Campaigns Manager, to campaign on behalf of anglers for protection of fish stocks and the marine environment.
  • Campaign alongside the Bass Anglers' Sportfishing Society (BASS) for the minimum landing size for bass to be reviewed and increased to 45 cm and for bigger mesh sizes in general.
  • Campaign for fundamental reform of the Common Fisheries Policy to end the lunacy of commercial fishermen throwing dead fish back into the sea and to introduce controls on fishing methods and scientifically-based quotas.
  • Campaign for better representation of anglers on Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authorities.
  • Campaign at a local level for controls of aggregate extractions to avoid damage to fishery habitats.
  • Campaign for conservation restrictions on fishing within the 12 mile limit to apply to foreign as well as domestic vessels.
  • Lobby and take legal action to get all fish farms in the UK relocated away from runs of migratory fish, and ideally based on land using recirculated water, to stop the damage currently being done to wild fish stocks by sea lice infestations, pollution from farm fish faeces and uneaten food.
What we could do with more resources:
  • Appoint regional officers to campaign at a local level on marine fisheries issues.
  • Develop national campaigns to compete with well-funded commercial lobbyists.
  • Publicise the damage done by some commercial methods and educate consumers.
  • Establish national monitoring system for rod-caught fish to sample fish stocks.
  • Commission independent research into the economic value of sea angling.

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