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Division 1 National Championships Results 2017 Please click on the match date and change it to 19/08/2017 and then click search to see the results.

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Division 1 National Championship Results 2016 Click here for the full set of Division 1 National Championship Results 2016

Division One National Championship

Angling Trust Division One National Championship 2018


(Winning Team 2017: Ted Carter Southport)

Date: Saturday 18th August 2018

Venue: River Trent, Non Tidal

Entry to the competition is £200 per team and optional pools are available which must be paid at the time of final entry fee remittances.

Headquarters Information: Nottingham Racecourse, Colwick Park, Colwick, Nottingham, NG2 4BE

Draw: 8:00am

Fishing: 11:00am-4:00pm (Duration 5 hours)

Useful Contact; Angling Trust competitions office; Tel; 0115 822 4519/0115 822 4532

Closure of waters for practice: From midnight on the Sunday prior to the National Championship

Licences: All competitors must be in possession of a current Environment Agency Rod Licence. Any competitor reported by the Environment Agency to the resulting team on the day of the match will be disqualified.

Please click here for the match booklet.

Keepnet: Minimum length of 2 metres

Bait Bans: No bloodworm and joker (this is in accordance with local club rules)

Refreshments: Available on site

Eligible Fish: All fish caught are eligible for weighing with the exception of Game Fish, Pike, Zander and Crustaceans.

Procedures: Before going to the Draw all Team Captains/Managers must report to the Team Registration Desk where they will record their team’s attendance and any changes to the previously nominated team.

All weighing in, and recording will be carried out by Senior Stewards, who will be supplied by the organising club. Therefore, no teams will need to provide Stewards.

A look back at 2017.

Shropshire Union Canal
Saturday 19th August 2017

Please click here to view the RESULTS from the Division One National Championship. Please click on the match date and change it to 19/08/2017 and then click search to see the results.

Division 1 national championship 2017 2nd place team

(2nd place team - Maver Midlands)

Division 1 national championship 2017 3rd place Team

(3rd place team - Drennan North West)

Division 1 national championship 2017 Top 3 Individuals
(Top 3 individuals)
From left to right; 3rd Steve Broome (Maver Midlands), centre; winner Ed Warren (Sensas Starlets) and 2nd Frankie Gianoncelli (Barnsley and District)

The Angling Trust Division One National Championships made its way up to the Shropshire Union Canal for its one hundredth and second runout. An awesome turnout of forty nine teams made their way to the intricate canal system around Market Drayton and were met with some rather changeable conditions.


The 490 competitors had to endure high winds and torrential downpours which made it really tough to consistently present bait to the fish, so it’s fair to say that on this occasion the canal did not show its full potential.  However, despite the low weights only two blanks were recorded which is incredible for a match of this size.


Tactics on the day revolved mainly around three lines; a short line for silvers on bread or squatt, down the track on worms and bigger baits for the perch and skimmers and then one tight across to pick up a few fish that had backed off with the extra foot and boat traffic on the day.


The tough conditions did however make for a very competitive match, with only a few points separating the top teams. After the match there was a tense wait to see who had taken the overall title, with some very good performances from Drenan North West, Ted Carter Southport and Maver Midlands. It was only at the (livestreamed) results that Ted Carter Southport realised they’d edged out Maver by only three points taking the crown of Division One National Champions, Team Captain Chris Gorrell reflected on Ted Carter Southport’s achievement;


‘The lads were ecstatic and it was a proud moment for the team as we lifted the trophy to the applause and cheer from the rest of our competitors. The sportsmanship displayed by all was exemplary and our rivals and friends of which we have competed against for years were quick to congratulate the success’


Ted Carter Southport also won the opportunity to fish the FIPSed World Club Championships in Hungary and we're delighted to report the team have accepted.


On the Individual front, last week’s winning peg from the Individual National threw up the winner for this match as well.  The lucky angler to draw F35 at Cheswardine this week was Sensas Starlets man, Ed Warren.  Fishing chopped worm and dead maggot he caught skimmers up to 2lb steadily throughout the day to record a winning weight of 9.180kg.  Second place went to Barnsley’s Frankie Gianoncelli who drew end peg K1 by the bridge at Coole Lane where he caught roach, big perch and a couple of eels for 7.120kgs.  Maver Midlands, Steve Broome took third place with 6.650kgs from peg E15 at Little Soudley.


Our thanks must go to Terry Nutt, Micheal Nutt and Dave Watkins for all their help on the day, for organising run-up matches, pegging and the all-important interaction with local community. Further thanks to all the local anglers who helped steward on the day and the local clubs for putting forward their fishing. Finally thanks to Canal and River Trust for all their assistance, the tireless volunteers at the Angling Trust, the resulting team and most importantly to all the anglers who came up to fish the match.



Team Results


1. Ted Carter Southport, 389 points

2. Maver Midlands, 386 points

3. Drennan Northwest, 346 points

4. Sensas Starlets, 342 points

5. Shakespeare Superteam Bait-Tech 341 points

6. Browning Hotrods, 322 points

7. Drennan Leicester, 320 points

8. Devizes AA, 313 points

9. Drennan Oxford 311 points

10. Sensas Dams and Locks, 308 points





1. Ed Warren, Sensas Starlets, 9.180kg

2. Frankie Gianoncelli, Barnsley and District, 7.120kg

3. Steve Broome, Maver Midlands, 6.650kg

4. Dave Brown, Maver Midlands, 6.140kg

Open Match Results leading up to Division 1 National Championship

Division 1 National

Practice Open Match Results

May 21st D Section Soudley 60 Entries

This was the first match on the Section for over 6 months. There were plenty of small fish being caught and the odd decent bream and chub lost. The winner had 2 bream for 7 lb and a decent perch down the track, plus 1lb of bits in his winning weight.


1st Ken Mainwaring on D4 9-2-1 Wyche Anglers- £170

2nd Mark Hardman on D1 8-14-9 Sensas Black Country -£130

3rd Dave Holbrook on D23 8-7-0 Four Ashes AC - £100

4th Damien Parry on D54 8-1-0 Wyche Anglers - £80

Sections £40

1-10 S Henshall Peg 10 5-9-0

11-20 J Clegg Peg 17 6-11-13

21-30 D Mawby Peg 24 7-4-4

31-40 C Westwood Peg 33 4-5-12

41-50 M Owen Peg 49 4-12-0

51-60 P Johnson Peg 60 6-7-10

May 27th J Section Hawksmoor 34 Entries

Blustery winds together with a strong flow from the nearby locks made presentation very difficult for the anglers, and far bank fishing impossible until the last hour. No big fish showed with weights made up of small fish, with eels hooked and lost down the track.


1st Paul Cowern on Peg 34 2-14-4 Browning Central £100

2nd Simon Preece on Peg 1 2-7-4 Crewe Match £80

3rd Bernie Leatherbarrow on Peg 20 1-14-8 Browning Lifestyle £58

Sections £25

1-5 S Rusliton Peg 3 1-12-8

6-10 M Appleby Peg 10 0-15-8

11-15 P Dobing Peg 11 1-9-14

16-20 M Wood Peg 19 1-8-0

21-25 S Nickless Peg 21 1-11-0

26-30 R Guest Peg 29 & S Mottram Peg 30 1-8-14

31-34 K Hulland Peg 31 1-3-8

A better match on this section where plenty of bites were available of both small and large fish. The winner had mostly small skimmers and roach on his bridge-hole peg, Once again better fish, notably chub, perch, eels and bream were lost in the match.

May 28th H Section Cross-Over Adderley


1st Dave Hughes on Peg 55 8-3-14 Sensas Black Country £110

2nd Simon Preece on Peg 15 7-13-0 Crewe Match £85

3rd Damian Parry on Peg 8 7-11-0 Browning Lifestyle £60

4th Keith Hulland on Peg 1 7-4-0 Team Eclipse £50

5th Steve Fogel on Peg 50 6-14-0 Crewe Match £40

Sections £25

1-5 L Capewell Peg 5 4-14-4

6-10 A Round Peg 7 5-5-12

11-15 S Brookes Peg 13 3-7-4

16-20 S Mottram Peg 17 4-11-0

21-25 S Dudley Peg 22 6-8-5

26-30 P Johnson Peg 28 4-3-0

36-40 D Whittington Peg 36 4-8-0

41-45 R Guest Peg 45 3-14-13

46-50 M Owen Peg 49 5-0-0

51-55 C Harvey Peg 52 5-1-6

June 11th 2017 K Section Coole Pilate 59 Entries

This match was fished on untried areas either side of the Wybunbury AC waters, which produced plenty of small fish. It was a very windy day which made bait presentation difficult. The larger skimmers showed in the noted pegs in the middle section. Overall it fished up to expectations.

1st B Krupnyckyj on peg 14 8-18 Maver North West £250

2nd Mark Derry on peg 9 8-1-4 Sensas Black Country £150

3rd Fred Cheetham on peg 1 7-5-4 Team Eclipse £100

4th Richard Guest on peg 41 6-13-4 Maver Midlands £70

5th Daz Shaw on peg 17 5-10-11 Maver North West £50

Sections 1st £40 2nd £25

1-15 1st D Hughes Peg 7 4-15-10

2nd D Lloyd Peg 5 3-14-3

16-30 1st A Crook Peg 21 3-9-5

2nd M Appleby Peg 25 2-6-4

31-45 1st D Williams Peg 39 5-6-0

2nd A Round Peg 42 5-2-8

45-59 1st T Swindels Peg 59 4-14-4

2nd S Nickless Peg 55 4-7-8

June 17th 2017 G Section Coal Yard to Bretton Wood 47 Entries

Red hot weather conditions together with very little shade for the fish proved difficult for the anglers to get consistent bites. The match was won on the boats in the higher section numbers, with the winner netting a decent bream, a good perch and an eel together with 3lb of squat fish.

1st Jason Cunningham on Peg 39 7-6-0 Shakespeare £105

2nd Chris Morris on Peg 1 6-2-8 Chester £90

3rd Steve Hurst on Peg 44 6-0-8 Drennan Leicester £75

4th Steve Brookes on Peg 43 5-9-0 Wellingborough £60

Sections £40

1-9 L Kenyon 4-1-3

10-18 B Sharratt

19-27 B Yeomans 4-8-12

28-37 D Massey 4-12-0

38-47 Ian Alexander 5-1-8

A much improved canal saw fish feeding and therefore producing better weights, with the top two

pegged either side of the wires in Hinstock Wood. These weights were made up of decent bream, skimmers, roach and perch. Plenty of small fish were available with eels being another main quarry taken in the track.

June 24th 2017 E&F Sections Soudley & Goldstone 86 Entries

1st Steve Broome on Peg E45 22-6-0 Maver Midlands £165

2nd Tom Barlow on Peg E46 18-10-0 Maver North West £145

3rd John Waples on Peg F36 11-12-0 Sensas Strike £125

4th Daz Shaw on Peg F46 8-13-8 Maver North West £100

5th Paul Turner on Peg E11 8-3-0 Maver Midlands £80

6th Rob Francis on Peg F10 6-14-4 Sensas Strike £60

Sections £40

E2-E11 Peg E8 D McManus 6-7-10

E12-E23 Peg E23 D Conway 5-14-0

E24-E33 Peg E32 M Derry 3-12-0

E34-E46 Peg E39 P Dobing 6-11-4

E47-F5 Peg E50 J Clegg 6-1-0

F7-F17 Peg 11 B Wilkes & Peg F13 F Cheetham 5-10-0

F18-F27 Peg F23 R Priestley 6-13-12

F29-F39 Peg F31 L Kenyon 6-1-0

F40-F48 Peg F48 S Hurst 5-4-0

A Look back at 2016

The Angling Trust Division 1 National Championship saw 45 teams (450 anglers) come together on the tidal and non-tidal River Trent on Saturday 20th August 2016.

After weeks of fairly settled weather, a low pressure system moved over the country on the Friday before the match, and Saturday dawned with forecasts of 40 mph winds and rain. However, nothing could dampen the quiet confidence that was evident amongst the highly successful and current champions, Barnsley Blacks. They had performed well in practice sessions and so it was with some inevitability that they emerged once more as Division 1 champions, with a very consistent team performance giving them a comfortable 13 point lead over the runners up.

Team manager Glenn Lawrence confirmed that his highly talented team had shared information but each angler was trusted to read his own peg and fish accordingly. They had no section winners, but every man had more than 30 points.

Strong winds made it very difficult to target the roach that had been turning up on float methods in the lead up to the match, but local knowledge paid off for the runners up and third placed teams, Lincoln & District and Scunthorpe Tackle respectively. Daiwa Dorking finished 4th, Derbyshire Angling Fed 5th, followed by Starlets, Lincs County, Daiwa Gordon League and Winterton completing the top 10.

Top individual places were dominated by the favoured low numbers in the weir field at Holme Marsh, with Rob Perkins finishing top weight with 40.620 kg, consisting of 22 bream from B17 (permanent peg 8). The Matrix Dynamite Trentman fished a groundbait feeder with chopped worm and caster, fishing worm tipped with a red maggot on the hook. Runner up Shaun Bryan (Daiwa Gordon League) weighed in 30.350 kg from peg B19; also bream on the feeder. Third placed man Andy Dixon (Lincs County) fished caught skimmers at Dunham peg H17 for 23.120 kg, peg B19 on the weir gave Wayne Parker 19.840 kg and fourth place. Alan Henry (Scunthorpe Tackle) 17.450kg and Mark Perkins (Derbyshire Angling Fed) 14.800 kg completed the top 6.

A great contest fished in very difficult conditions, underlining the skill and determination of the anglers taking part. Congratulations to all!

Top 10 team results;

1st Barnsley Blacks 380 points 44.650 kg
2nd Lincoln & District AC 367 points 46.920 kg
3rd Scunthorpe Tackle 345 points 42.410 kg
4th Team Daiwa Dorking 341 points 35.630 kg
5th Derbyshire Angling Fed 326 points 45.430 kg
6th Browning Hotrods 314 points 29.640 kg
7th Starlets AC  308 points 35.730 kg
8th Lincs County 300 points 43.990 kg
9th Daiwa Gordon League 293 points 52.710 kg
10th Winterton AC  290 points 27.810 kg

Top 6 individual results;

1st Rob Perkins (Dynamite Matrix Trentmen) B17 - 40.620 kg
2nd Shaun Bryan (Daiwa Gordon League) B19 - 30.350 kg
3rd Andy Dixon (Lincs County) H17 - 23.120 kg
4th Wayne Parker (Swindon Isis AC) B18 - 19.840 kg
5th Alan Henry (Scunthorpe Tackle)  K21 - 17.450 kg
6th Mark Perkins (Derbyshire Angling Fed)  B21 - 16.800 kg


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