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TV Series Premiere - Fishing in the Footsteps of Mr. Crabtree


Crabtree Pike

Discovery Quest - 2100 hrs - 24th January 2013

Famous angling character brought back to life in fabulous new TV series for Discovery Quest. The most iconic angling book ever and best selling sporting book of all time is being brought to TV screens this January.

'Mr. Crabtree Goes Fishing' the comic strip story of a father who takes his son Peter on a series of angling adventures over the course of a year, sold 4 million copies and for many is still the touchstone against which every angling book will always be judged.

This first series of several that are planned sees presenter John Bailey fishing and walking in the footsteps of his angling hero as he takes a different young guest 'Peter' fishing each week.

Produced by Toast Entertainment Group the show has been exec produced by Lester Holcombe and a passionate team who have had a long-term ambition for these shows and how they wanted them to look.

Lester says: "We've spent the best part of a year physically working on this series, and six years prior to that with rights and IP. We also had a vision for this series and wanted to ensure our broadcaster felt the same way"
"This series is packed full of positive messages about getting kids involved in the sport, concentrating on all of the best elements; the magic of fishing, the misty dawns, glorious sunsets, swirling fish, bubbling swims, bending rods, powerful runs, a collective joy of catching your target fish, of being outdoors and teaching and helping young anglers.

We have tried to always doff our proverbial caps and be sympathetic to Mr. Crabtree and the writing ethos of author Bernard Venables whilst, at the same time looking at modern angling and the new generation of anglers."

Associate Producer, Paula Battle says: "It's great news that the show is premiering on Quest. The fact that pretty much everyone can access it completely reflects our attitude to fishing - there should be no barriers to people getting involved, and hopefully that's exactly what will happen as a result of watching the show."

Author and presenter John Bailey is a lifelong angler, an original 'Crabtree Kid', and one of today's most internationally renowned fishermen and guides.  With a publishing and presenting career spanning 4 decades, John is the perfect presenter for Fishing in the footsteps of Mr. Crabtree and his knowledge and obvious passion for angling shines through in every episode.

Paula says: "We've had a brilliant time making this series, worked with some fantastic kids who have proved to us all that the future of the sport is safe in their hands. If watching the programmes gives just one child the confidence to pick up a rod and have a go, we'll have done our job"

Paula continues, "Viewers should be looking out in the listings over the next week or so and passing the remote to their kids to do clever things with the planner - Quest is most likely calling the series Mr. Crabtree Goes Fishing, with the sub-title Fishing in the Footsteps, but check out our website and Facebook and Twitter feeds for the most up to date information."
January 2013


About Toast Entertainment Group:
Specialists in large scale live event TV, sports, music and lifestyle programming. TEG owns the football vehicle The Legends, and has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity over a ten year period via these live TV celebrity matches.  Fishing in the footsteps of Mr. Crabtree is a long-standing passion project for the production company, one that will bring as much pleasure to those making the program, as it will to those watching.

About Quest:
The Discovery network's biggest UK channel, Quest launched on Freeview in 2009. Reaching 1.2 million adults on a daily basis, Quest is accessible to almost 100% of the UK's households, available on Freeview (38), Sky (154) and Virgin (179).

About Mr. Crabtree Ltd.:
Mr. Crabtree Limited is a consortium of publishing, production, communications and angling specialists who share a common goal to bring the Mr. Crabtree legacy to a new generation. Lucky enough to have known (and fished with) Bernard Venables, the group retains strong links with Bernard's widow and family, enjoying their full support in these endeavours. In 2012 Mr. Crabtree publishing released its first book - Fishing in the Footsteps of Mr. Crabtree - and the accompanying TV series will broadcast in January 2013, premiering on Quest on the 24th at 2100hrs.

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