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National Fishing Month - bigger and better than before


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National Fishing Month is believed to have encouraged over 200,000 new
anglers into the sport through the events held over the last 19 years.

This year's event, 16th July to 14th August 2011, has already got off to a
wonderful start with Dean Macey adding his endorsement to the initiative.

Dean commented: "I have been fishing for as long as I can remember and wherever I go in the world, I will always bump into someone that also loves
fishing. It's such a great hobby - you get to spend time outdoors,
appreciate Mother Nature, meet some great people and if you're really lucky,
witness some marvellous creatures."

Dean Macey Joins The Angling Trust

Dean Macey Joining The Angling Trust at the Carpin' On Show March 2011

Dean continued: "When I was a kid, I found it hard to get my head around
school work or any kind of discipline. If it wasn't for fishing and
athletics I dread to think where I would be right now. Between them, they
gave me something to focus on and keep me off the streets.

Throughout my athletics career, fishing helped me mentally unwind and I'm
sure without it, I would have burnt myself out. Whether it's a day on the
rivers, sleeping under the stars on a still water for a few days or jumping
on a plane to fuel my passion abroad, I don't mind. I love it all, and for
the most part, I think almost everyone would if given the chance.  That's
why I support National Fishing Month and urge everyone to get involved and
take part. Everyone I have ever taken fishing has loved it and you can't
keep them off the bank now. Give it a go, you owe it to yourself!"

National Fishing Month 2010 was a resounding success with 330 events taking
place across the country attracting over 13,500 participants of all ages,
ethnic backgrounds and social profiles. Research complied by Substance from
a sample of 11% of these events showed that 24% of the participants were
female, 75% were male, 51% fell into the 7-14 age range and 24% of
participants came from the top 30% most deprived areas as listed by the 2007
Index of Multiple Deprivation.

As in previous years, the focus is to encourage every family member to have
a go at fishing from whatever cultural or social background they may be
from.  The initiative's timing continues to be deliberately planned to
incorporate the end of the school terms and more of the school holidays to
enable activities to be linked with both schools and families. Again, by
extending the timetable, fishery owners, angling coaches and retailers will
have a greater span of time to be able to take part and support events in
their areas.

National Fishing Month aims to highlight and celebrate angling, bringing the
sport to the attention of the general public, generate positive PR in all
forms of media and to encourage would-be anglers of all ages and from all
backgrounds to try angling and to take it up as an environmentally based
recreation. There will be hundreds of events all over the country organised
by coaches from the PAA and the ADB, on behalf of the Angling Trust,
independent fishery owners, the Environment Agency, fishing tackle retailers
and manufacturers who give their time, their fishery pegs and loads of
products for free.

Richard Wightman from the Environment Agency added: "We are really pleased
to be able to continue our support for NFM in 2011 and beyond. This year
offers a fantastic opportunity in the shape of a prolonged and well-timed
Easter, May Bank Holiday, plus the additional Royal Wedding break at the end
of April. What better time to help more people get into and stay in fishing.
Let's all do what we can to make the most out of it."

If you would like to take part and have a go at fishing, take a look at the
events that are already listed on the National Fishing Month website and enter your postcode.  The events closest to
you will then be listed and you can find out more details from there.

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