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New records ratified at latest meeting of BRFC (British Record (rod-caught) Fish Committee)


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The BRFC met at Fishmongers Hall, London, on 14th December 2012.

Present were: Mike Heylin (Chairman), David Rowe (Secretary), Oliver Crimmen (Scientific Advisor, Natural History Museum), Nigel Hewlett (Scientific Advisor, Environment Agency), Chris Clark (Angling Trust - marine), Andy Nellist (Angling Trust - freshwater), Keith Speer (Angling Trust - freshwater) and Nick Simmonds (Angling Trust - secretariat)

The following claims were ratified by the committee as new or equal records:


                        Coarse fish:                




                        Record weight                


                        Captor's name                


                        Date caught & venue                


                        Previous record                



                        (Perca fluviatilis)               


                        6lb 3oz                   


                        (Equal record)               


                        Kenneth Brown               



                        Wilstone Reservoir               


                        6lb 3oz               


                        Silver Bream                   

                        (Blicca bjoerkna)               


                        2lb 15oz                   


                        (Equal interim                   



                        Gary Barnett               



                        Mill Farm Fishery               


                        2lb 15oz               


                        Silver Bream                   

                        (Blicca bjoerkna)               


                        3lb 4oz                   



                        Gareth Evans               



                        Mill Farm,                   



                        2lb 15oz               


                        Crucian Carp                   

                        (Carassius carassius)               


                        4lb 9oz                   


                        (Equal record)               


                        Philip Smith               



                        Yateley, Hampshire               


                        4lb 9oz               


                        Sea fish:                




                        Record weight                


                        Captor's name                


                        Date caught & venue                


                        Previous record                



                        (Dicentrarchus labrax)               


                        19lb 12oz                   



                        John Stephenson Locker               


                        16/11/2012 Portsmouth Dockyard               


                        19lb 11oz 12dr               


                        Baillon's Wrasse                   

                        (Crenilabrus bailloni)               




                        Michael Hansell               



                        Lyme Bay               




                        Greater Forkbeard                   

                        ( Phycis blennoides)               


                        2lb 12oz 12dr                   



                        Morgan Parry                   

                        (Junior angler)               



                        Roker, Sunderland               


                        Open to claims of minimum 1lb               


                        White Sea Bream                   

                        (Diplodus sargus)               


                        2lb 6oz 14dr                   



                        Bryan Swain               



                        St. Brelades Bay, Jersey               


                        1lb 9oz 8dr               


                        Almaco Jack                   

                        (Seriola riviol)               


                        1lb 14oz 3dr                   



                        Brent Hanley               


                        St Martins, Guernsey               


                        1lb 8oz 6dr               

Notes from the meeting:

1. BRFC personnel:

After 21 years of service to the BRFC, David Rowe has retired from the duties of secretary to the committee. The chairman thanked David for his great contribution and dedication over the years and presented David with an engraved crystal decanter in recognition of his services. David will continue to sit on the committee and, with Chris Clark, will adjudicate on sea fish claims.

The chairman also welcomed and introduced two new members: Keith Speer and Nick Simmonds. Keith has joined the committee to co-operate with Andy Nellist in the adjudication of coarse fish claims. Nick is employed by the Angling Trust and will be taking over the role of secretary to the committee following David's retirement.

2. Notable Fish List - sea species:
The BRFC has developed criteria for the introduction of a "Notable Fish List" which is intended to record the capture of exceptional specimens of sea fish caught while boatfishing, where an exact weight cannot be ascertained because the fish has been weighed at sea and returned, and/or its weight has been estimated by use of an approved formula.

The Notable Fish List is particularly intended to record the capture of large specimens of fish which may not be landed under current legislation, such as tope and common skate, although it is not limited to such species.

It is recognised that there will be some variations of some sea fish which cannot be truly identified without inspection of the fish itself (e.g. gurnard, smoothhound) and such fish will not be accepted for the list.

The procedure for acceptance of a capture onto the Notable Fish List is similar to that for claiming a record fish in the usual way and details will be available on the BRFC web page, hosted on the Angling Trust website.

The Notable Fish List will also be published on the BRFC web page, alongside the current record fish lists.

The first entry to the Notable Fish List was ratified at the meeting - a common skate with an estimated weight of 229lb (calculated from tables) and having an overall length of 92 inches and a wingspan of 70 inches. This great specimen was caught off Rackwick, Orkney by Mr Roy Anderson in June 2012.

Notes for editors:
The official British Records List and procedures are available on the Angling Trust website at or from the Secretary.

The initial telephone contact point of the BRFC remains at the Angling Trust Head Office on 0844 7700616 and email enquiries may be directed to the Secretary Nick Simmonds at

The next meeting of the full committee is scheduled for June 2013. As previously the committee will con-tinue to consider all claims as and when they arise and to keep captors informed as to progress.

Aims and Objectives of BRFC

  • The Committee exists to recognise and publish record weights of both fresh and salt water fish caught on rod and line by fair angling methods in the waters of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands, and aims:
  • To provide an adjudicating body to which marine and freshwater anglers may submit claims for re-cord fish taken by fair rod and line angling.
  • To investigate all such record claims to the fullest possible extent and maintain a permanent record of such investigations.
  • To establish and maintain accurately a list of British fish, marine and freshwater, of record size and to publish this list frequently and make it readily available to all interested persons.
The activities of the Committee are voluntary, and claims are considered and adjudicated upon, only on the basis that the Committee shall be under no obligation whatsoever to claimants, that its decisions shall be final, and it shall not be obliged to give reasons for its decisions.

For further information please contact;

Nick Simmonds - Secretary
British Record (rod caught) Fish Committee
c/o The Angling Trust
Eastwood House
6 Rainbow Street
Herefordshire HR6 8DQ

Tel: 01568 620447 / 0844 7700616

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