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Environment Agency January Prosecutions List

3 Rods Trout & Coarse-550px-2018-19The Angling Trust encourages all anglers to comply with the law and buy an Environment Agency rod licence at

The funds raised from licence sales are spent on improving fish stocks and promoting angling, including several programmes of work delivered by the Angling Trust itself.

This data is provided periodically by the Environment Agency, and only refers to prosecutions of anglers that were conducted by courts in England in the month stated.

You can find Frequently Asked Questions and a Glossary of Terms at the foot of this page.

BarkingsideAdalbert Kenez57Ruckholt Road, London08/01/2020Tylers Common Fisheries28/07/2019UFGuiltyFined£287.00
BarkingsideAndrius Kavaliauskas27London Road, Grays08/01/2020Tylers Common Fisheries15/08/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
BarkingsideChristopher Marston67Christopher Rise, Pontlliw08/01/2020The Chase Fishery28/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£287.00
BarkingsideJamie Bloxam18Caversham Road, London08/01/2020Tylers Common Fisheries28/07/2019UFGuiltyFined£287.00
BarkingsideKevin Hailes42Lodge Avenue, Dagenham08/01/2020The Chase Fishery15/08/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
BarkingsideLuke Edwards32Grenville Road, New Addington08/01/2020Ravensbury Park - River Wandle06/07/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
BarkingsideRobert Panczi31Ruckholt Road, London08/01/2020Tylers Common Fisheries28/07/2019UFGuiltyFined£287.00
BasildonAdrian Tenase22The Bramblings, London22/01/2020Rib Valley Lakes13/07/2019UFGuiltyCD6£111.00
BrightonHarry Upperton26Lyminster Road, Lyminster17/01/2020Southern Leisure Complex21/07/2019UFPIAFined£267.00
CheltenhamJanis LocmelisHigh Street, Tewkesbury13/01/2020Tewkesbury Ham - River Severn21/07/2019WRA034PIAFined£267.00
HullAirikas Bystautas40Park Terrace, Swalwell09/01/2020Derwent Reservoir24/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£313.00
HullAlin Bescuca30Montague Street, Goole09/01/2020Aire & Calder Canal26/07/2019UFGuiltyFined£275.00
HullAndrew Craig55Longacre Lane, Haworth09/01/2020Skipworth Arms Pond08/07/2019UFGuiltyFined£285.00
HullBogdan Alexandru Constantinescu41Eldon Street, Barnsley09/01/2020Wombwell Dam27/08/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
HullCharles Dewhirst22Dicks Garth Road, Menston21/01/2020None Go Bye Farm04/09/2019PTFWNLGuiltyFined£283.00
HullClarke Wright27Eleanor Street, Grimsby21/01/2020Messingham Sands10/09/2019UFPIAFined£317.00
HullCristinel Baican47Dunhill Road, Goole09/01/2020Aire & Calder Canal26/07/2019UFGuiltyFined£257.00
HullDale Hilton34Bullen Road, Sheffield09/01/2020Sheffield And Tinsley Canal21/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£207.00
HullDamian Leary38Olinda Road, Bridlington09/01/2020Messingham Nature Reserve31/07/2019UFGuiltyFined£313.00
HullDaniel Francis30Hyde Park Terrace, Sheffield21/01/2020Messingham Sands11/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£207.00
HullDean Woolf56Lakeside Grove, Hull09/01/2020Pickering Park Lake18/07/2019UFGuiltyFined£207.00
HullIan Knight44Whitley Spring Crescent, Ossett21/01/2020Birkwood Farm Lake18/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£207.00
HullJamie McManus43Bodmin Road, Bransholme09/01/2020Risby Park Lake02/08/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
HullJamie Mole31Woodend Way, Brunton Bridge09/01/2020Knitsley Mill Fishery25/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£277.00
HullJonathan Carney29Hamsterley Crescent, Gateshead09/01/2020Knitsley Mill Fishery25/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£283.00
HullKazimieras Kaskeliavicius48Buckingham Street, Scunthorpe09/01/2020Stainforth & Keadby Canal31/07/2019UFGuiltyFined£207.00
HullKeith Fox57St. Clements Place, Hull21/01/2020Aire And Calder Canal - Pollington17/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£207.00
HullMartyn Flint59Otley Old Road, Horsforth09/01/2020Swillington Park Fishery17/07/2019UFGuiltyFined£260.00
HullMichael Harrison42Chirnside, Cramlington09/01/2020Felton Fence Ponds24/08/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
HullNathan Khan30Sycamore Green, Pontefract09/01/2020Rustick Arms Pond, Ackworth20/08/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
HullNicolae Gheorghe24Park Street, Kingston Upon Hull09/01/2020Oakland Waters23/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£207.00
HullNigel Howes27Lovett Street, Cleethorpes21/01/2020Messingham Sands10/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£333.00
HullRobert Clough66Engels Terrace, Stanley21/01/2020Aldin Grange, Bear Park13/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£207.00
HullStephen Court45Tensing Road, Scunthorpe09/01/2020Messingham Sands21/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£283.00
North CheshireJoseph Robinson55Dunriding Lane, St. Helens29/01/2020Heesoms Pool06/07/2019UFGuiltyFined£227.00
North CheshireKurt Stevens28Tunbridge Place, Preston29/01/2020Church Deeps, Fishwick03/09/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
North CheshireNicholas Wolstenholme38Lewis Drive, Heywood15/01/2020Church Deeps, Fishwick24/08/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
North CheshirePaul Morris43Watery Lane, Ashton-on-ribble15/01/2020Church Deeps, Fishwick03/09/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
North CheshireScott Fotheringham49Bond Street, Leigh15/01/2020Church Deeps, Fishwick24/08/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
OxfordRichard Monger45Westville Avenue, Kidderminster22/01/2020Brasenose Lake 1, Linear Fisheries13/04/2019UFGuiltyFined£350.00
SJP-SEMason Tebbutt27Rydal Way, Ruislip23/01/2020Farlows Lake07/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£292.00
SJE-CreweOliver Light21Pipers Ash, Winsford15/01/2020New Pool06/07/2019UFGuiltyFined£132.00
SussexAdam Deckx41Campbell Close, Rugeley23/01/2020Oxlease Lake20/07/2019UFGuiltyFined£397.00
SussexAdam Rodgers34Tarragon Road, Maidstone23/01/2020Combe Bank School Lake, Sundridge04/10/2019UFGuiltyFined£274.00
SussexAdam Skinner25Dereham Road, Mattishall23/01/2020Bridge Public House Lakes08/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£362.00
SussexAdrian Foca22The Green, Slough23/01/2020Finch Farm Fishery, Hawthorn Hill10/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£351.00
SussexArthur Cox45Southwark Path, Basildon23/01/2020Canvey Lake01/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£207.00
SussexBill Holmes28Wordsworth Road, Slough23/01/2020Boulters Lock Cutting - River Thames12/07/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
SussexBradley McInerney26Langrove Street, Liverpool23/01/2020Oxlease Lake20/07/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
SussexCallum Monk27Dovedale, Carlton Colville23/01/2020Aldeby - River Waveney21/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£283.00
SussexCharlotte Elizabeth Hayman31The Crescent, Sevenoaks23/01/2020Frant Lakes29/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£252.00
SussexChris Andrews45Homelea Crescent, Lingwood23/01/2020Bridge Public House Lakes08/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£207.00
SussexChristopher Roberts53Wheelers, Epping23/01/2020Puddledock Farm Fishery24/08/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
SussexChristopher Soanes29Parkhill, Oulton23/01/2020Aldeby - River Waveney21/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£236.00
SussexDaniel Braguta24Great West Road, Hounslow23/01/2020Puddledock Farm Fishery24/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£351.00
SussexDaniel Sorin50Kenton Road, Harrow23/01/2020Albans Lakes15/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£400.00
SussexDean Hodgeson26Delamare Crescent, Croydon23/01/2020Stubpond Fishery, Newchapel04/10/2019UFGuiltyFined£207.00
SussexDorian Brissand-Mounsdon21Longford Terrace, Folkestone23/01/2020Shirkoak Fishery08/09/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
SussexDrew Bathgate26Holmes Carr Crescent, New Rossington23/01/2020Smiths Lake24/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£333.00
SussexEdward Campbell66Talbot Road, Rushden23/01/2020Rushden Town Lakes21/07/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
SussexElliott Jack Brooks32Shirley Avenue, Bexley23/01/2020Frant Lakes01/09/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
SussexElliott Parmenter32Villiers Road, Beckenham23/01/2020Bennetts Lake18/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£483.00
SussexGary Black55Cherry Grove, Reading23/01/2020Court Farm Lake24/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£342.00
SussexGraham Morris58Wakefield Street, London23/01/2020Brook Farm Fishery, Navestock Heath11/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£207.00
SussexHarrison Joyner23Wyatt Avenue, Bristol23/01/2020Albans Lakes15/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£372.00
SussexHarry Penn27Whitehall Lane, Buckhurst Hill23/01/2020Holyfield Fishery31/08/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
SussexHaydn Brown27Horsecroft Way, Tilehurst23/01/2020Court Farm Lake24/08/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
SussexIgor Ceban24Homefield Avenue, Ilford23/01/2020Puddledock Farm Fishery24/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£320.00
SussexJames Standen20Hathaway Drive, Nuneaton23/01/2020Snake Lake - Dean House Farm31/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£300.00
SussexJamie Ellis28Brabazon Avenue, Wallington23/01/2020Farlows Lake07/09/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
SussexJason Galton25St. Andrews Road, Carshalton23/01/2020Centre Lake - Dean House Farm31/08/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
SussexJoseph Saunders47Simpson Close, Maidenhead23/01/2020Farlows Lake07/09/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
SussexKane Parker22White City, Crowthorne23/01/2020Holme Grange Reservoir20/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£336.00
SussexKenneth Bridger55Buxton Drive, Bexhill-on-sea23/01/2020Actons Farm Pond24/08/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
SussexKevin Jones61Ladys Gift Road, Tunbridge Wells23/01/2020Coombewood Fishery08/09/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
SussexKevin Tigwell54Manor Road, Hoddesdon23/01/2020Timberland Fishery29/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£327.00
SussexKrzysztof Wojcik48West Wycombe Road, High Wycombe23/01/2020Smiths Lake24/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£297.00
SussexLewis Roberts25Wheelers, Epping23/01/2020Puddledock Farm Fishery24/08/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
SussexLiam Davies21Heaf Gardens, Bentley Close, Royal British Legion Village23/01/2020Paddlesworth Lakes31/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£243.00
SussexMarius Morar38Godman Road, Grays23/01/2020North Benfleet Hall Fishery26/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£207.00
SussexNigel Edward Hilden49Rigden Road, Ashford28/01/2020Hawkhurst Fish Farm13/06/2019OF134GuiltyCD12£1,679.11
SussexNikolay Kanturski32Leyland Avenue, Enfield23/01/2020Holyfield Fishery31/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£310.00
SussexOwen Chilvers19Hartlake Road, Golden Green23/01/2020Mousehole Fishery29/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£254.00
SussexPaul Jamie Grace31St. German's Road, London23/01/2020Frant Lakes29/09/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
SussexRichard Mason21Nelson Road, Colchester23/01/2020Weeley Fishing Lakes14/09/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
SussexRichard O'Shea52Cavendish Road, Worksop23/01/2020Fields End Water17/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£304.00
SussexRimvydas Popiera37Harbour Mews, Main Cross Road, Great Yarmouth23/01/2020Cobbleacre Lakes25/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£283.00
SussexRitchie Martin19Sheffield Park Way, Eastbourne23/01/2020Greenacres Farm08/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£313.00
SussexRyan Andrews25St. Pauls Road, Hemel Hempstead23/01/2020Albans Lakes15/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£258.00
SussexSamuel Faircloth33Mackenzie Road, Beckenham23/01/2020Bennetts Lake18/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£548.00
SussexSamuel Wyles29Judd Road, Tonbridge23/01/2020Frant Lakes01/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£261.00
SussexStanislav Contstantinov30Headley Drive, Ilford23/01/2020Puddledock Farm Fishery24/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£369.00
SussexStefan Brinza39Coppice Path, Chigwell23/01/2020North Benfleet Hall Fishery26/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£197.00
SussexStephen Pears33Drake Road, Crawley23/01/2020Farlows Lake07/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£416.00
SussexStuart Wakelin52Victoria Close, Cheshunt23/01/2020Southend Farm Lakes05/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£305.00
SussexTom Mckay22Sussex Road, Maidstone23/01/2020Brasenose Lake 1, Linear Fisheries24/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£380.00
SussexTommy Evans19Loughton Way, Buckhurst Hill23/01/2020Holyfield Fishery31/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£300.00
SussexWayne Oldfield38Lower Barn Lane, Tinker Street, Ramsey23/01/2020Weeley Fishing Lakes23/07/2019UFGuiltyFined£387.00
SwindonBenjamin Cooper39Maple Grove, Roundswell29/01/2020Upper Tamar Lake04/10/2019PTFWNLPIAFined£387.00
SwindonBrian Whitcher32Longleat Gardens, New Milton09/01/2020Orchard Lakes18/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£297.00
SwindonDerek Budd43Farnborough Road, Farnborough23/01/2020Gold Valley Lakes21/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£417.00
SwindonDominic Swan25Beechcroft Road, Swindon09/01/2020Raychem Lagoon25/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£292.00
SwindonDylan Wilkins47Tyndale Close, North Nibley29/01/2020Gardners Pool01/09/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
SwindonJames Wills43Barkers Lane, Wythall09/01/2020Hordle Lake18/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£417.00
SwindonJonathan Stewart30Hendford, Yeovil29/01/2020Coking Farm01/09/2019UFGuiltyFined£317.00
SwindonJosh Sheen21Windermere Avenue, Southampton09/01/2020Orchard Lakes18/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£232.00
SwindonLuke Bassil31Andover Close, Christchurch09/01/2020Orchard Lakes18/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£313.00
SwindonLuke Smith32Downs View Road, Westbury29/01/2020Shearwater Lake26/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£250.00
SwindonMathew Johnson41Jubilee Close, Birmingham09/01/2020Hordle Lake18/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£367.00
SwindonNicholas York33Buckingham Walk, New Milton02/01/2020Orchard Lakes18/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£267.00
SwindonRobert Higgins48Hunt Road, Christchurch29/01/2020Orchard Lakes18/08/2019UFPIAFined£387.00
SwindonWill Price22Stratford Road, Stratford Sub Castle29/01/2020Shearwater Lake26/08/2019UFGuiltyFined£294.00
ThamesSorin Mihallache28Farmilo Road, London16/01/2020Rib Valley Lakes13/07/2019UFGuiltyFined£62.00

Total: £36,922

Offence Code and Laymans Terms

NERB1 Took or removed any fish without permission
OFB10 Leaving Rod(s) and Line(s) unattended 
OFNB3(3) Removed eels or shad by rod and line from any waters
OFNB Attempted to take fish within a prohibited area
OFNB5 Used a keepnet of less than 2 metres in length
OFNB5(1) Used a keepnet with supporting rings or frames greater than 40cm apart or less than 120cm in circumference.
TA001 Theft of owned fish where permission to remove the item has not been granted and fish have been caught and retained
TA002 Person who unlawfully takes, destroys or attempts to take/destroy any fish in water which is private property
WRA034 Removed any listed freshwater fish by rod and line from any river, stream or drain, or listed water
OF126 Check Offence
OFNB8 Fished with more than four rods and lines at the same time when fishing for coarse fish or eels
OFNB2(2) Close season 
OFRB18(1) Use of fish as bait in Lake District 
OFRB18(2A) Used an illegal hook bait in the Lake District
OFRB18(3) Used an illegal hook bait during the prohibited period
OFB08 Exceeded the 3 metre distance between rods
OF132 Causing harassment, alarm or distress
OF134 Used threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour 
OFB10(D) Left unattended rod and line in the water
OFRB11 Using an illegal hook bait
OFEARB6 Took or attempted to take, by any means, any fish, at any time, within a distance of 25 metres upstream or 95 metres downstream of a prohibited obstruction 
OFRB5 Used an illegal lure or bait
OFRB7 During the close season fished for salmon, migratory trout or non - migratory trout other than with artificial fly or lure 
OF329 Used more than one rod and line when fishing for salmonids in all rivers, streams, drains and canals
TA002 Person who unlawfully takes, destroys or attempts to take/destroy any fish in water which is private property 
WRA034 Removed any listed freshwater fish by rod and line from any river, stream or drain, or listed water
WRA043 Removal of freshwater fish from stillwaters and canals
WRA037 Failing to return a foul-hooked salmon, migratory trout or trout to any river, stream or canal
PIA Proof In Absence
GO General Obstruction
CSF Close Season Fishing
FD False Details
UF Unlicensed Fishing
PTF Preparing to Fish With No Licence
CD Conditional Discharge
CD6 Conditional Discharge 6 Months
CD12 Conditional Discharge 12 Months
AD Absolute Discharge
AssaultC Assaulted a constable
NSPI No Separate Penalty Imposed
DHOFL Disqualification from Holding and Obtaining a Fishing Licence
OF064 Had unclean trout in his possession
OF343 Using illegal bait WRA 

Data Licence:
The Limited Licence granted by the Angling Trust to use the information on this web page will automatically expire 1 calendar month from the date that it is first uploaded to the Angling Trust website. For the avoidance of doubt this varies the limited licence described elsewhere in this website's Limited Notice.

Monthly Fisheries Prosecutions.
Frequently Asked Questions and Glossary of Terms

1. I didn't know about the court hearing date, what can I do? You can contact the Magistrates Court and ask for the case to be re-opened.

2. Why are the outcomes different for the same offence? At each hearing, the Magistrates take into consideration: the facts of the case, the attitude of the offender, any mitigation offered by the offender and their ability to pay any financial punishment.

Glossary of  Terms
'Penalty' The penalty is what offender has to pay. It comprises the sum of the fine for the offence committed; a contribution to the Environment Agency costs; the Criminal Court Charge and a victim surcharge. The fine and victim surcharge is decided by the Magistrates hearing the case on the day. Fines go to the treasury. Costs go to the Environment Agency and contribute to the cost incurred in taking the case to court. Victim Surcharge goes to a specific fund for victims of crime. See:

'proof in absence' The defendant did not enter a plea at the time their case was heard. The Court convicted the person in their absence.

'Abs. Disch.' The defendant is guilty but no fine is imposed

'conditional discharge' The defendant is guilty but no fine is imposed. There are conditions attached to the discharge: if re-offending occurs within the period of the discharge, the defendant can be sentenced for the original offence and the new one.

'forfeiture order' Equipment used in the offence is taken from the defendant and destroyed.

'disqualification order' The defendant is disqualified for a period of time, from holding or obtaining a fishing licence. You can't fish during the period of disqualification.

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