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FAQs about the Level 1 Award, Level 2 Certificate and Licensed Coach Scheme

Q: Am I a Coach?

You may be defined as a coach if ANY of the following apply:
  • You have an angling coach qualification (such as UKCC Level 1 or 2)
  • You provide regular, structured tuition in angling to people of any age
  • You describe yourself as an angling coach
  • You advertise your services (paid or unpaid) offering tuition/coaching/instructing/guiding
  • You provide structured tuition at more than one venue or location
  • You receive payment for coaching/instructing/guiding/teaching anglers

You are not a coach if ALL of the following apply:
  • You only give informal tips and guidance, not structured tuition and
  • You don't describe yourself as a coach or advertise your services and
  • You don't receive payment and
  • You don't have an angling coach qualification
If you have a valid and up to date coach licence, you can describe yourself as "an angling coach licensed by the Angling Trust". The Angling Trust strongly recommends that you obtain an angling coach licence from the Angling Trust if you plan on offering your services as a coach.

Q: Do I need insurance?

It is recommended that any angler holds public liability insurance to cover against any damage or injuries that he/she may cause when participating in angling. Public liability insurance is provided automatically as part of the individual Angling Trust & Fish Legal membership package, along with many other benefits. Individual membership is available for adults from as little as £29 per year (individual non-coach membership).

If you can be defined as a coach (see "Am I a Coach?" above) then it is essential that you have public liability insurance, but it is also essential that you hold professional indemnity insurance to protect your activity as a coach. This is available as part of the coach licence which costs just £35 a year.  Coaches Licensed by the AT also benefit from FREE AT membership as part of the licence package.

Q: Why do I need a coach licence from the Angling Trust?

The Angling Trust as the National Governing Body for angling in England is the only organisation that offers a coach licence. This proves to parents, children, groups, organisations and others that you are appropriately qualified and regularly engage in training in order to maintain the highest possible coaching standards. It also gives them assurance that:
  • you have met the highest safeguarding standards established and supported by the NSPCC and Child Protection in Sport Unit;
  • full and appropriate safeguarding checks have been undertaken and that you have been risk assessed;
  • a record is kept of any reports of improper behaviour that can be shared with others, informing them of any potential risk.

Q: What qualifications do I need?

If you don’t have any coaching qualifications, you will need to undertake either of the following qualifications to be eligible to apply for an Angling Trust coach licence. In addition to the qualification, a coach must hold valid Safeguarding Training, First Aid Training and an appropriate DBS check. The Angling Trust runs a number of the following qualification courses around the country:
  • 1st4Sport Level 1 Award for Angling Support Coaches
  • 1st4Sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Angling (Lead Coach)
[Earlier versions of the Level 1 qualification are also accepted for licensing: Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Angling or Level 1 Award in Coaching Angling]

These are not Angling Trust awarded qualifications: they are developed to National Occupational Standards which are awarded by 1st4Sport, and the Angling Trust establishes the angling content. These are the only qualifications currently recognised by the Angling Trust. Once a qualification and additional training has been attained, you are then eligible to apply to be licensed by the Angling Trust. 

If you have a different angling qualification from another organisation, then please contact us to see if we could help you.

There are also other Approved Centres which deliver courses leading to the 1st4sport Level 1 Award in Coaching Angling and Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Angling. Learners who have undertaken their L1ACAQ or L2CCAQ through an Approved Centre other than Angling Trust can also apply to be licensed.

Q: Which qualification do I need?

Coaching fulfils a wide range of requirements and ensures that qualified coaches are able to support many activities. It is important to understand exactly what you want from your career as an angling coach. Do you want to provide help at your local club where your children regularly participate? Do you want to be the new lead coach at your local club?
The requirements of the different roles will help to understand what qualification you will require to ensure you are safe and effective in that role.

Q: What do the qualifications involve?

Each qualification is different but follows a similar structure. Qualifications are made up of a number of different sections which focus on different areas required to complete to ensure that as a coach, you are able and effective in your delivery. 

For example the new Level 1 qualification for Angling Support Coaches is made up of three sections entitled respectively ACTIVATE, DELIVER and REVIEW. Level 2 is longer and more intensive to prepare coaches for taking the lead in activities, planning, preparing and evaluating structured coaching sessions. 

You need to attend all the sessions of your course and complete all the required activities, assessments and coursework. 

You might also like to look at Coaching courses, what's involved?

Q: What do I get when I qualify?

Depending on your qualification, generally you will get the following:
  • A nationally recognised qualification
  • The chance to take up a Coach Licence to Practise - both L1 and L2 coaches can apply to become ‘Licensed’. This licence is offered to those taking the qualification through the Angling Trust's Coaching Centre, and once issued will need to be kept current in order to benefit from the insurance etc.
  • Learners completing a L1 or L2 course will be offered the opportunity to undertake an Enhanced DBS Disclosure in connection with coach licensing. DBS checking is NOT required in order to pass the course, and application details are currently supplied to Learners with their qualification certificate.

Q: What job can I do when I qualify?

The Level 1 qualification is a generic award and qualifies you as an assistant or support coach who can plan, deliver, and review angling coaching activities. You will be able to work under the guidance of a Level 2 angling coach. You can apply to become a Licensed L1 Coach.

The Level 2 qualification qualifies you to become an independent coach who can plan, deliver and review linked and progressive angling sessions. It can be taken by anyone over the age of 17 who has completed and passed a Level 1 coaching qualification and has some experience of angling. Your certificate will be issued showing your qualification in coaching Coarse, Game or Sea angling and you can apply to become a Licensed L2 Coach in that discipline.

Q: How much does it cost?

  • A Level 1 course costs £230, runs over 2 days and includes the cost of the first year of Coach Licensing.
  • A Level 2 course costs £345, runs over 3 days and includes the cost of the first year of Coach Licensing. Applicants normally need to hold a Level 1 qualification, plus recent training for Emergency First Aid and for Safeguarding & Protecting Children in sports coaching (which must be undertaken through UK Coaching).  Learners also need to deliver linked and progressive coaching sessions and submit details as part of the final assessment.
Courses leading to the same 1st4sport qualifications can be taken through other Approved Centres: however fees and schedules may vary, and courses offered by other Centres do not include the cost of the first year's Coach Licence to Practise.

Fees for courses undertaken through Angling Trust currently include Learner registration, tuition, course resources, certification and the opportunity to take up one year's Coach Licensing, but not travel, meals or accommodation. There may be other options available too where previous experience of coaching activity or other teaching/coaching qualifications can be taken into account.

Q: Where can I find details of available courses and book a place?

There is now an online booking system for Level 1 and Level 2 public coaching courses which includes details of dates, venue, pre-requisites, course content and Learner fees.

If you would like to check on the currently available events with a view to booking a place on one of them, please follow the link to access the

Online Ticket Booking System

and select COACHING from the toolbar.

Q: What is "Exemption"?

The Level 1 is the usual starting point for any person who wishes to apply to become an angling coach and provides an essential foundation to build upon for those embarking on a coaching pathway for the first time. However in some cases you may be able to apply for exemption from Level 1 and commence your coaching pathway at Level 2 if you can demonstrate that you meet certain pre-requisites.

One route to gaining exemption from Level 1 is to hold an appropriate qualification and to provide evidence of angling knowledge and experience.  If you think that exemption could be an option for you, please contact the Coaching Centre Manager Richard Hadley on 07720 974 811 or to discuss this.  You should be aware that there could be a cost in connection with assessment. 
If you're hoping to bypass Level 1, you should have exemption confirmed by the Coaching Centre before applying for a Level 2 course.  

Please note that a successful application for exemption will not result in your being awarded a Level 1 qualification - it is a means to allow you to access a Level 2 course without having to repeat proven learning. A confirmation of exemption issued by the Angling Trust's Coaching Centre is not transferable to other Approved Centres that deliver courses leading to 1st4sport qualifications.

Q: What if we don't have a course advertised at this point which you could attend?

Check our online booking facility periodically, since any additions or amendments to the course schedules will be shown there.  If there's no course showing in your region it doesn't mean that we don't operate there, but there's nothing near you available for booking at the moment.

Alternatively you can email with your name and location to be added to our Level 1 and/or Level 2 Enquiry List.  We'll then include you in an alert when a new event in your region is about to become visible on the booking site.

When we have a new event ready to open for booking we'll add it to the online facility, but we won't normally be able to supply details of future events unless they are almost ready to be opened for booking.

Booking will normally close on the Friday 5 weeks before the start date of a course.  After this point you can no longer book online, and although it might sometimes be possible to process a late application, there are no guarantees of a place in such a situation.  

Q: How do I book a place on an advertised course?

You can view the information of any course displayed on the facility, even if it's not open for applications or if booking has closed.  However if your selected event is "live" and still  has places available, click the "Buy" button to start the application process.  

You'll be asked to supply credit/debit card details for payment of the Learner fees: the transaction will be processed through a secure facility provided by Sage Pay.

Once you've completed the booking process, the number of places shown as available for that event will reduce by one.  

Coaching Centre staff will send you an acknowledgement with some information about what to expect next, and Accounts staff will email you a receipt.  (Please note that these aren't automated functions, so you won't receive those items immediately.  If you book over the weekend when staff aren't working, it could take a few days for the responses to come through to you.)

Q: How do I book onto a course if card payment isn't an option for me?

If you aren't in a position to book online because use of a credit/debit card isn't feasible (for instance if your fees are to be paid by a third party), please contact the Coaching Centre office as soon as possible.  We can arrange to collect the require personal details and process payment of your Learner fees by other means, and allocate you a place on your selected event.  If required we can invoice a sponsor such as an employer, angling club or charity organisation.

Providing your place has been secured by payment in full of the appropriate fees, we will send out a Welcome Pack approximately twelve days before the start of the course. This will contain information about location, times, how to contact your tutor with any questions about the course content, plus details of anything else that you will need to prepare and bring with you when you attend.

Q: How do I request an application pack for a first coach licence (Level 1 or Level 2)?

If you undertake your qualification through the Angling Trust's Approved Centre, you should automatically be supplied with an application pack with your qualification certificate (in the same mailing you'll also receive back any coursework that you submitted for assessment).

However if you qualified through a different Approved Centre or more than 12 months ago, please email or ring 0115 822 4538.

Q: How do I renew an existing Level 1 or Level 2 licence?

The relevant paperwork is normally dispatched to your home address approximately a month before the expiry date of your licence. If you haven't received this, please contact the East Midlands office by emailing or ringing 0115 822 4538.

Q: If the licence is now validated every 3 years but I pay annually, how does it work?

There are two methods available:
  • the first is to pay by annual Direct Debit
  • the second is to be sent a reminder each year and pay by cash/cheque/card/BACS
The annual fee for a coach licence is now £35, irrespective of age, qualification Level or payment method.  All categories of licence provide the same level of insurance cover.

If you choose to pay by a method other than Direct Debit, we'll send you an "Annual payment due" letter. We dispatch this about a fortnight prior to the end of the payment month, allowing you time to arrange your preferred method. However should this payment not be received in reasonable time, your licence will become invalid and you may be required to send back all licence cards and paperwork.

If you still have questions after reading the available information, do please get in touch:
Angling Trust Coaching Centre
The Old Police Station
Wharncliffe Road
DE7  5GF

Telephone: 0115 822 4538

The East Midlands office is normally open between 0900 and 1630, Monday to Friday (except for public holidays and between Christmas and New Year).

Contact: Angling Trust Eastwood House, 6 Rainbow Street, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 8DQ
Tel: 0343 5077006 (For Membership enquiries select Option 1) |
Calls to our 0343 number are charged at the same rate as normal landline numbers.
Office hours are Mon - Thu 9.00-5.00 and Fri 4.30. Please leave a message if you call outside these hours or email us.
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