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Follow the Rules Download this multi-lingual poster and laminate for use at your fishery. Have a licence, follow the rules and don't kill, cook or steal the fish.

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Close Season Poaching Poster Play your part in the campaign against illegal close season fishing - make sure that all anglers are aware of the rules with this simple but effective new poster that spells out the rules in five different languages.

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Multi Language Leaflets Click the image or the text above to download leaflets in Eastern European languages.

Building Bridges Project

Building Bridges

Since the end of communism and the inclusion of certain former Eastern Bloc countries in the European Union, many people from those places have come to live or work in England. In countries such as Poland and Lithuania, angling is extremely popular – but the culture there revolves around fishing for the pot, a practice largely discontinued in Britain after the end of the Second World War. Here, anglers practice ‘catch and return’ in what is an enlightened, conservation-based, approach to fishing.

Understandably, British anglers have been incensed when valuable fish have been killed in England for the pot by Eastern European anglers – but information concerning British angling law and rules can be hard to find for people newly arrived in this country. The ‘Building Bridges’ Project, therefore, provides a facility to educate and integrate migrant anglers, and is an important component of our police-based enforcement strategy. Building Bridges is a component part of the Fisheries Enforcement Support Service.

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The Angling Trust has fully researched angling in Eastern Europe, visiting Poland and Lithuania to learn about angling law and rules in addition to setting up working partnerships with government ministers and enforcement agencies. This has helped provide information on British angling in those countries, and we are supported here by the Lithuanian and Polish Ambassadors, and Daniel Kawczynski MP, the British Prime Minister’s Envoy on Polish & Eastern European Diaspora in the UK. For more information, please see:

At ‘grass roots’ level, our Building Bridges staff can help British angling clubs by translating their rules into different languages and providing multi-lingual signage – it is important to understand that not everyone responds to education, so prosecution, therefore, may be the only option; ensuring that there is no excuse for rule-breaking is an essential part of the evidence required – which is another reason we provide multi-lingual signage and information. Our staff engage with migrant communities, including schools, spreading the word  and encouraging other ex-patriots to join British clubs and fish by the rules. Importantly, Building Bridges staff will also work with angling clubs to host integrated angling events. Building Bridges staff also contribute to Voluntary Bailiff Service training and Fisheries Enforcement Workshops, providing an always well received and thought-provoking presentation.

Any angling clubs requiring further information or assistance from Building Bridges, should contact Project Manager Janusz Kansik at or 07495 433615.

Guide to Fishing Legally in England and Wales - Polish Version

Guide to Fishing Legally in England and Wales - Lithuanian Version

Guide to Fishing Legally in England and Wales - English Version

Meet the Team

Janusz Kansik - Angling Trust Building Bridges Project Manager

Janusz came to the UK in 2010, first working as a chef then becoming a community centre receptionist owing to insufficient fishing time! Since then, Janusz has had much more time to spend on the banks of the rivers and lakes across England. After a few years, Janusz started to make coaching videos and posted on YouTube which gave him a sense of satisfaction from sharing his new skills with others. Janusz said: "A lot of people in the UK helped me make my skills better and better. They invested their time in helping me, which was simply amazing, so I decided to help others as well, simple as that.” After another year of sharing videos, he made one more step forward: joining the Voluntary Bailiff Service. Janusz is an active Phase 1 Volunteer Bailiff on his local lakes and rivers, supporting Environment Agency fisheries enforcement officers in Oxfordshire. In March 2018, Janusz qualified as a Level 1 Angling Coach. Now full-time Project Manager of the Building Bridges team, Janusz said “This is a unique opportunity to make an even greater contribution to the wonderful sport of angling – education and integration is key. I am very excited at this opportunity to work with like-minded anglers and bring new, exciting, ideas to fruition. It is our duty to be there for those who share the passion. It will be my pleasure to help support the wider angling community – and ‘build bridges’.”


Martynas Pranaitis - Angling Trust Building Bridges Officer

Martynas Cropped
Martynas has been an Angling Trust Key Volunteer for over three years, soon after the Angling Trust Volunteer Bailiff Service was launched in South East England to help protect our fisheries.
Martynas says: “I was born and grew up in Lithuania in a small city with a 820 acre lake right on my doorstep. It was while I was still a teenager that seeing the effects of poaching on this lake influenced my decision to study Environmental Sciences and Ecology.
After I became a student the first thing I did, was visit the Lithuanian Environment Agency to apply to become a Volunteer Bailiff. Because of my enthusiasm, knowledge and patience I soon qualified to became a warranted Volunteer Bailiff with almost the same powers as a Fisheries Enforcement Officer. Working in the Environmental Protection Department’s “Live Nature Unit” team which has responsibility for water and hunting related poaching activity’’
Martynas, who is graduated with a Masters, added: “The only way forward is for European communities to embrace the law and culture of their adopted countries, as I have. I’m passionate about fish and fishing and protecting our fisheries. I very much look forward to the opportunity to work in the Angling Trust Building Bridges project to assist with its vital work.”

Szymon Skoczen – Angling Trust Building Bridges Officer

Szymon Skoczen x 550My name is Szymon and I am a Polish born angler. I came to England about eleven years ago, and like many of my fellow countryman I started to look for work and a better life. I showed interest for fishing since I was a little boy – I spent most of my free time on the local lake or river next to my grandmother house. After my relocation to England I searched for information about fishing in here. I spoke to many anglers who shared my passion and directed me to the correct information. A few years later I joined Polish Anglers Association club where I found a lot of useful information and a lot of people willing to help with understanding British tradition and way of fishing. I took part in many competitions mainly to develop my skills and meet like-minded anglers. I am a strong believer of integration and education and I am fully supporting AT Building Bridges Project, and this is why I become part of it. I hope I will be able to contribute to the integration processes and grow project activities in East Anglia region where I live. 


Bogdan 'George' Pascaru – Angling Trust Building Bridges Officer

Bogdan George Pescaru with perch x550pxI’m 40 (almost) and I’ve been fishing since I can remember but more involved in fishing life for the past 12 years since I came to the UK. My early fishing years in the UK was tough as I didn’t know anyone to help get me in the sport and suffered because of the bad reputation east Europeans had among some anglers. I wanted to improve our reputation as migrant anglers and I find out about Angling Trust and the Voluntary Bailiff Scheme. Without any hesitation I applied and joined the VBS in July 2016. Since then I have learned about other issues facing fishing, such as poaching, illegal fishing, stealing of fish, pollution and other issues linked to the water and wildlife. In 2017 I become an Area Coordinator for Kent and South London area and worked closely with our Regional Enforcement Manager Dave Wilkins to help him to manage the VBS team. Over two years I have been able to encourage and convince many friends to join us and the team has been involved in some great work in our area. Being part of VBS and the Building Bridges project is a way I can give something back to the community. It is not about catching people doing wrong, for me the reward comes from educating and helping people do things right, both in terms of legalities but also looking after our waters and wildlife.


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