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How We're Supporting Carp Anglers

The Angling Trust, as the national representative body, looks after all disciplines of the sport and recognises that carp angling is the most popular single angling genre in England today.
Carp anglers benefit from many areas of our work, such as fishery funding through the Angling Improvement Fund, campaigning on environmental issues that protect fish and fishing, offering advice, and, through Fish Legal, acting on members' behalf on issues such as pollution and damages.

The Angling Trust invests considerable time and resource directly into specific carp and specialist angling issues. Below is just a sample of some of the ways in which we're helping carp anglers. The lead in this area is James Champkin, keen carp angler and Campaigns Officer for the Angling Trust. James can be contacted via or on 07855 963128.

The New 3-Rod Licence

Subject to final approval, from the 1st April 2017 anglers will be able to purchase a single rod licence covering them to fish with three rods. The majority of carp waters allow anglers to fish with three rods but the existing system means that carp and specimen anglers have to buy two rod licences, which effectively covers them to fish with up to four rods. However, anglers very rarely fish with more than three and therefore they are paying a premium for something they don't use.

The Angling Trust listened to the concerns of carp anglers and raises these concerns with the Environment Agency, who have reacted positively. Anglers will be able to buy an adult non-concession licence to fish with three rods for £45 (current cost £54).

Predation by otters

Carp are particularly susceptible to predation by otters and speaking to many carp anglers we understand the worries and concerns around the impacts of predation. Quite frankly there isn't an "easy fix" to the problem but we are working in a number of areas to find a solution.

Both our Head of Freshwater, Mark Owen, and the Angling Trust Freshwater Specialist Advisory Group, upon which a number of carp and specialist carp anglers st, are in discussions and working with the Environment Agency. Natural England and the UK Wild Otter Trust about the issue and what can be done to alleviate the problem.

A number of options are being investigated, such as deterrents and fencing, with a variety of ongoing research initiatives in place. What we have done already is offer funding assistance for otter-proof fencing through the Angling Improvement Fund, in partnership with the Environment Agency: a great example of rod licence money being re-invested back into fisheries for the benefit of anglers.

Another major development in recent months has been the issue of otter removal licences to our Fishery Management Advisors (FMAs) by Natural England after two years of negotiations with the Wild Otter Trust. This means that our FMAs can now legally trap and relocate otters that have become trapped inside a fenced fishery. This licence was funded jointly by the Angling Trust and the Predation Action Group.

Fish Theft and Poaching

Carp are valuable fish and poaching is a serious threat to the sport. The significant work carried out by the Angling Trust enforcement team has helped bring the issue of fish theft to the attention of the police.

Through a multi-agency partnership involving the police, Environment Agency fisheries officers, the National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU), Angling Trust voluntary bailiffs and other parties, patrols on the bank have increased and offenders brought to justice.

Operation Traverse and Operation Leviathan are both cross-force initiatives to highlight rural crime and both are having an effect. Additionally, the Building Bridges initiative has been running for a number of years and is helping to educate migrant anglers from Eastern Europe on catch and release and how to fish legally.

Control of disease

Raising awareness of transmission routes through which disease can be spread into carp fisheries. Undoubtedly the most severe and well-known in the present day is Koi Herpes Virus (KHV), and this year the number of confirmed cases of KHV in England reached an all time high. The Angling Trust have been working primarily through the Check, Clean, Dry campaign to raise awareness of the ways in which anglers can transmit diseases (and invasive, non-native species) both between fisheries and also from other countries into the UK. We also have a PhD research project ongoing to assess the attitudes and awareness of carp anglers in France and the potential for travelling anglers to bring carp diseases back home to the UK.

Carp Team England and Promotion of Carp Angling

Carp angling participation

The continued promotion of carp angling is vital to us, both from a participation and also a membership perspective. Carp angling is an enormous branch of the sport and the contribution it makes is both significant and recognised.

Take the Angling Trust's Carp Team England, for example. Over the last 18 months the 2015 World Championship winning squad have taken massive strides to promote angling both inside and outside the sport and to bring us in line with other sports.

Following on from the gold medal victory, a Ladies Team was brought together, competed at international level and won their first medal. Now both a youth squad and a disabled group are in the pipeline.

Carp angling is showcased at our major public events, at national sporting conferences and through specific initiatives, and within the sport we also offer "get into carp angling" projects to encourage participation.

Impacts of HS2 High-speed Rail Link on Carp Angling

So, the next time you get asked "What does the Angling Trust do for carp anglers?", you can answer..... in actuality, an awful lot!

The Angling Trust welcomes on board Rob Hughes and Bev Clifford as Carp Consultants!

The Angling Trust is delighted to bring on board television personality and carp angling legend, Rob Hughes, and Ladies Carp Team England captain and owner of Carp-Talk, Bev Clifford, as our Carp Angling Consultants. We will be using Rob and Bev's expertise when making policy decisions that affect carp angling, while they will be feeding back to us about the issues that matter to carp anglers.

We caught up with them both at the Carp Society's Winter Show at Sandown Racecourse...


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