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Angling Trust Federation Membership costs £60 per annum but is FREE for Federations whose member clubs are ALL Angling Trust members. Fish Legal membership costs from £80 to £856 depending on size but is FREE for Federations whose member clubs are ALL Fish Legal members. Contact us for more details on 0343 5077006.

Angling Trust Federations Membership

The Angling Trust is the single organisation that represents all game, coarse and sea anglers and angling in England. We lobby government, campaign on environmental and angling issues and run national and international competitions. We fight pollution, commercial over-fishing at sea, over-abstraction, poaching, unlawful navigation, local bans and a host of other threats to angling. The Angling Trust is united in a collaborative relationship with Fish Legal, a separate membership association that uses the law to protect fish stocks and the rights of its members throughout the UK.

Federation membership of the Angling Trust (with optional membership of Fish Legal) is for those Federations which act as “umbrella” organisations for their affiliated angling clubs and which may organise competitions and promotional events. This membership can include Federations which hold fishing rights in the Federation’s name, to make the fishing available to their affiliated clubs to fish. Federation membership and the associated insurance package covers the Federation itself, but does not extend to the Federation’s affiliated clubs or their individual members. Clubs should join the Angling Trust and Fish Legal in their own right.

Federation membership is not for organisations which act as clubs – i.e. have members who directly join the Federation in order to fish the Federation’s waters, rather than becoming members of an affiliated club. Federations which also act as angling clubs in their own right should join the Angling Trust and Fish Legal in the club membership category. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss any membership questions.

As the governing body for all angling, the Angling Trust seeks government funding to develop the sport from grass roots participation through to elite performance. We develop programmes with clubs to increase participation, particularly amongst groups who have yet to discover the joys of going fishing. We protect the rights of all anglers to do what they love most.

The Angling Trust keeps Federation members informed of events as they happen with regular e-mail bulletins and in our magazine, so that you are the first to know about what the Angling Trust has been doing for you and the latest news on the issues affecting your organisation’s fishing.

Federations benefit from our member liability insurance package, with a public liability limit of up to £10 million. Insurance applies to the Federation itself only and not to the Federation’s member clubs or their individual members, who can join in their own right to benefit from our club insurance package.

You can download the Federation Policy Schedule here and the full policy wording here: Sports Combined Liability Section, Directors & Officers Liability Section and the Sports Accident Section.

We need all Federations to encourage their member clubs to join the Angling Trust and Fish Legal.

Fish Legal

Federations who hold fishing rights in their own name can join Fish Legal and Fish Legal can advise and act for the Federation in matters affecting those particular fishing rights. However, Fish Legal can only take cases for member clubs that have joined in their own right. If a Federation comprises several clubs who also hold fishing rights in the club’s name, each of those clubs must join Fish Legal in their own right to be eligible for our lawyers to give advice or take legal action on their behalf in the event of a future pollution incident, or anything else which might damage their fishing.

The Angling Trust campaigns for:

•    Conservation
•    Protection of angling
•    Increased government and EA support for angling and fisheries
•    Control of nuisance predators

The Angling Trust delivers:

•    More quality coaches from diverse backgrounds
•    Angling education programmes
•    Increased opportunities to participate in angling
•    National and international competitions
•    Support for angling club development

The Angling Trust fights:

•    Pollution, over-abstraction and litter
•    Declining marine and fish stocks
•    Commercial overfishing
•    Habitat degradation
•    Damaging barrages, weirs and hydropower schemes
•    Poaching and fish theft
•    Unlawful navigation
•    Spread of diseases and parasites
•    Access restrictions
•    Anti-angling campaigns

Contact: Angling Trust Eastwood House, 6 Rainbow Street, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 8DQ
Tel: 0343 5077006 (For Membership enquiries select Option 1) |
Calls to our 0343 number are charged at the same rate as normal landline numbers.
Office hours are Mon - Thu 9.00-5.00 and Fri 4.30. Please leave a message if you call outside these hours or email us.
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Angling Trust Limited is a company limited by guarantee, company number 05320350

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