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Angling Trust Frequently Asked Questions and Rules of Subscriber Membership

What does the Angling Trust do?

The Angling Trust is the single organisation which represents all game, coarse and sea anglers and angling in England. We lobby government, campaign on environmental and angling issues and run national and international competitions. We increase participation in angling by people of all ages and backgrounds. We fight pollution, commercial over-fishing at sea, over-abstraction, poaching, unlawful navigation, local bans and a host of other threats to angling.

Why are there two organisations (Angling Trust & Fish Legal)?

Angling Trust is the single representative body for all anglers in England only.  Fish Legal is a separate entity that employs lawyers who offer legal advice to, and which takes legal action for, its own members (including the Angling Trust) throughout the UK. The Angling Trust needs to be a company limited by guarantee, but it is not authorised to provide legal services as a licensed body. Most, but not all, of the campaigning and lobbying activities of Fish Legal (previously the Anglers’ Conservation Association) in England are now carried out by Angling Trust. The Chairmen and Chief Executive of Angling Trust and Fish Legal have joint appointments to both organisations.  This arrangement therefore creates an effective partnership in England, while allowing Fish Legal to operate in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and provide valued legal services to its members throughout the UK.

Can I join Fish Legal only?

In England, all individual members of Angling Trust are automatically made members of Fish Legal and their subscription will be divided between the two organisations. Any clubs, riparian and fishery owners in England who want to join Fish Legal must first join Angling Trust and pay a combined membership fee of Angling Trust + Fish Legal.

Any individual, club or riparian owner based outside England can join Fish Legal by phoning the office on 01568 620447. More information at  

Does the Angling Trust offer concessionary rates for senior citizens or family memberships?

Adult membership of Angling Trust is just £29 a year but members aged 65 or over can opt to pay the concessionary Senior Citizen rate of £25. These fees reflect the organisation's need to set membership subscriptions at a rate which generates enough revenue above the costs of administering memberships to carry out its work effectively on anglers’ behalf.

Junior membership is completely FREE. There is now no reason for anyone aged 17 and under not to be a member of the Angling Trust - register NOW HERE.

There is also a category of membership for Young Adults aged 18 to 21 years old who can join for only £10.

Both categories get all the benefits of Angling Trust Membership including free £10m insurance.

When will I receive my membership card and number?

Because of the sheer volume of applications we receive, there is a delay of around 14 days in getting membership cards to all our new members. Please bear with us while we enter all the data. If you sign up online, you will receive a membership number immediately via email.

What does the category of ‘riparian owner’ mean and how do you define commercial/not-for-profit?

Riparian owners are individuals who own land and/or fishing rights on a river, lake, pond or canal. Clubs cannot sign up for this category as they receive additional benefits. Most riparian owners will know if they are commercial or not for profit, but if you are unclear, then please contact the office to discuss your circumstances. Even if you charge some people to fish your waters, you could still qualify for the not-for-profit category.

Angling Trust Limited: Rules of Subscriber Membership

These rules are established by the board of Directors of Angling Trust Limited pursuant to Articles 93 to 97 of the Articles of Association of Angling Trust Limited. In the event of conflict between these rules and the Articles of Association of the Angling Trust the Articles of Association will take precedence. Proposed amendments to these rules, with the exception of Schedule A, will require approval via a majority vote at an AGM or EGM.


1.1 Subscription Membership Categories

1.1.1 Individual Adult Members
Being individuals aged 22 and over, having paid the annual individual adult subscription and individuals aged 65 and over who have paid the concessionary Senior Citizen subscription.

1.1.2 Individual Life Members
Being individuals having paid the life member subscription.

1.1.3 Individual Junior Members
Being individuals under the age of 17 who are not required to pay any subscription.

1.1.4 Individual Young Adult Members
Being individuals between the age of 18 and 21 who have paid the young adult member subscription.

1.1.5 Associate Member Clubs.
Individual bona fide angling clubs, syndicates, single species groups, and angling clubs with or without riparian interests, which support the work of Angling Trust Limited in developing angling and protecting fisheries having paid the relevant subscription determined by the number of members in the associate club.

1.1.6 Honorary Life Members.
Being persons who have rendered meritorious service to angling and/or fisheries protection and development and whose nomination is approved at the Annual General Meeting by a majority vote.

Nominations for Honorary Life Membership can be made either by the directors or subscribers of the Angling Trust. Such nominations, with justifications, to be submitted at least 28 days prior to the AGM.

1.1.7 Associate "Affiliate" Members.
Being any other representative body or organisation, not included in 1.1.4 which supports or furthers the aims and objectives of the Angling Trust Limited and which has paid the relevant subscription.

1.1.8 Commercial Fisheries.
Fisheries other than angling clubs who wish to support the work of Angling Trust Limited in developing angling and protecting fisheries.

1.1.9 Retail Fishing Tackle members.
Retail Fishing Tackle members who wish to support the work of Angling Trust Limited in developing angling and protecting fisheries.

1.1.10 Tackle Trade Membership.
Tackle trade manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, distributors or agents who wish to support the work of Angling Trust Limited in developing angling and protecting fisheries.

1.1.11 Charter Boat Membership.
Professional skippers chartering their vessel to anglers and who wish to support the work of Angling Trust Limited in developing angling and protecting and developing fisheries.

1.1.12 Consultatives & River Association Membership.
Consultatives or River Associations who wish to support the work of Angling Trust in developing angling and developing fisheries.

1.1.13 Fish Legal.

Any organisation wishing to subscribe to the Fish Legal services having their address in England must be members of the Angling Trust in order to be eligible for membership of Fish Legal.

Fish Legal will have a discrete set of rules and membership fees applicable to its services.

1.2 Any entrance fee and subscription rates for all classes of Subscription Membership will be set annually by the directors of the Angling Trust.

1.2.1 Any entrance fee, subscription and benefits so set shall apply to all subscriptions falling due on or after January 1st in the year following.

1.3 All subscription members and associates will be affiliated to a regional structure based on the needs of the region.

1.3.1 A subscription member may be affiliated to more than one Region, if they have angling or fishery interests extending across regional boundaries.

1.4 Applications for Subscription Membership shall be submitted to, and be accepted by Angling Trust Limited, The Directors of the Angling Trust reserve the right to refuse any application deemed to conflict with the objectives of the Angling Trust.

1.4.1 For all subscription members, membership shall be effective from the date of payment of subscription in the first year. Renewal of subscription membership will become due on the anniversary of joining in subsequent years.

1.4.3 Angling Trust Limited will provide on request a report to a region detailing the names of all existing subscription members, identifying new members joining during the period and a list of lapsed subscription members, providing such information is available and does not breach data protection guidelines.


1.5.1 On the termination of subscription membership, for whatever reason, all rights and privileges of subscription membership in Angling Trust Limited will cease but the subscription member will remain liable for subscription, dues or debts to Angling Trust Limited which became payable or were incurred before the date of termination.


1.6.1 All Junior, Young Adult, Adult and Life individual members will have one vote on resolutions at Annual and Extraordinary general meetings.

1.6.2 All other members shall be allowed the number of votes calculated by dividing their subscription fee by the current individual membership fee rounded down to the nearest whole number. Such allocation to be limited to a maximum of 12 votes for any one subscriber organisation.

2.0 AGM and EGM. In accordance with the Articles of the Angling Trust AGM’s will be held yearly and EGM’s as called for.

2.1. AGM. The AGM will be held each year and will adopt the following guidelines.

2.1.1 The AGM will normally be held by July each year.

2.1.2 At least 21 days' notice will be given to all entitled to attend by email, web site posting, media announcements or in writing at the discretion of the directors of the Angling Trust.

2.1.3 No business shall be transacted at any meeting unless a quorum is present at the commencement of the business. The quorum shall consist of fully paid up subscribers or their duly authorised representatives present in person or duly authorised proxies received at the registered offices on or before the prescribed date that exceed 50 votes in total, at least 30 of which must be individual votes.

2.1.4 In the event there is no quorum 30 minutes after the start of the meeting the AGM will be postponed for 28 days.

2.1.5 The Chairman of the Angling Trust, or failing his presence, the Vice-Chairman, or failing his presence any Director who shall be appointed for the purpose by Directors, shall preside as Chairman of the AGM

2.1.6 At the AGM each subscriber shall have votes allocated according to paragraph 1.6 above. At registration each subscriber or their representative will be given a card clearly indicating the number of votes they can cast. Each and every resolution shall be determined by a show of cards by each subscriber. The Chairman will appoint an official Counter to count and record the votes.

2.1.7 Votes may be given at any AGM by a subscriber in person or by a representative duly authorised in writing or by proxy votes.

2.1.8 In the case of an equality of votes the Chairman of the meeting at which the equality vote occurs shall be entitled to a second or casting vote.

2.1.9 A majority vote decides all matters including proposed changes to the rules of the Angling Trust.

2.1.10 Notices of nominations for the appointment of Directors of Angling Trust Limited must be submitted to the Company Secretary at least 28 days before the notified date of the AGM, with the names and, if relevant, organisation of the proposer and seconder

2.2. EGM. An EGM may be called by the directors of the Angling Trust as they see fit or by a request from 250 subscriber votes supporting a proposed resolution and will adopt the following guidelines.

2.2.1 At least 21 days notice will be given to all entitled to attend by email, web site posting, media announcements or in writing at the discretion of the directors of the company.

2.2.2 In the event the EGM is called in response to a legitimate request from subscribers it must be called within 40 days of the request being received.

2.2.3 Rules 2.1.1 to 2.1.9 apply to the running of the EGM.


3.1 Nomination for one position shall not debar any subscription member from standing for election or re-election to any other position.

3.1.1 Each person nominated for any directorship in accordance with paragraph 2.1.10 shall provide Curriculum Vitae for circulation with the agenda for the AGM and a signed declaration that he or she is willing to stand for possible appointment.

3.2 Each Director elected or appointed shall become a Member of Angling Trust Limited for the purposes of Companies legislation and shall be required to sign a letter of consent agreeing to become a Member of Angling Trust Limited and his or her name shall be entered in the Register of Members of Angling Trust Limited

3.3 Each director, or person seeking appointment as a director of the Angling Trust, must be a paid up individual subscriber to, or life member of, the Angling Trust.


4.1 The Board will appoint a Child Protection Officer who is qualified to advise Angling Trust Limited at national and regional level regarding the adoption and implementation of all the requirements of the Protection of Children Act 1999 and any subsequent and relevant legislation.

4.2 The Child Protection Officer shall be responsible, subject to ratification by the Board, for developing the Child Protection Policy of Angling Trust Limited including procedures for the reporting of, and dealing with, incidents of possible abuse.

4.3 All subscription members of Angling Trust Limited will be bound by the Angling Trust Limited Child Protection Policy as amended from time to time.


5.1 Angling Trust Limited will organise such National Championships and other angling competitions as the directors of the Angling Trust may decide, and may enter teams in National and International Championships.

5.2 Entry to and conduct of National Championships and other competitions shall be in accordance with National Angling Championship Rules or the published rules of that competition.

5.3 The Angling Trust will establish and support Competition Committees that manage team selection, competition rules for the various disciplines, team development, appoint team managers and generally advise the Angling Trust on competition matters.


6.1 The Angling Trust will establish and support specialist committees to provide advice, focus and support in any area that the Angling Trust deems such focus appropriate. Each committee will have a designated director to Chair and co-ordinate its activities and represent its views at Angling Trust board level.


7.1 The Angling Trust will establish a Regional Representative Structure, initially based on the existing regional structures of the founding organisations. The rules under which these regional structures will function will be administered by the Angling Trust committee the regional structures co-ordinate their activities through.

Contact: Angling Trust Eastwood House, 6 Rainbow Street, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 8DQ
Tel: 0343 5077006 (For Membership enquiries select Option 1) |
Calls to our 0343 number are charged at the same rate as normal landline numbers.
Office hours are Mon - Thu 9.00-5.00 and Fri 4.30. Please leave a message if you call outside these hours or email us.
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Angling Trust Limited is a company limited by guarantee, company number 05320350

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