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Download files for Specialist Anglers from the foot of this page We have prepared several useful PDF files which contain invaluable information for Specialist Anglers. These are available to download using the links at the bottom of this page.

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Henry Gilbey is a Member - Join Now "Now is the time to align ourselves behind the Angling Trust. The least we can do is to give the UK's one professional organisation the best possible go at protecting our sport" Henry Gilbey

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Lee Jackson Former British record holder Lee is a member of the Trust - you should be too. Join now.

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Austen Goldsmith "The new wave of enthusiasm for sport fishing needs to channelled towards direct action to get UK bass stocks managed for recreational anglers who bring far more to the economy than commercial bass fishing does. Don't just buy more lures, buy into the future - join the Angling Trust!" Austen Goldsmith

Read about our work on the issues affecting Specialist Anglers and their target species

Because their focus may be on larger fish of single species many Specialist Anglers are acutely aware of the issues that affect their branch of the sport, the sensitive environment in which their target species live and the delicate balance which specimen fish rely on to reach a large size.

The Angling Trust campaigns and lobbies Government on a wide range of the issues which affect specimen fish and their habitat and up to date information on the progress we have made during the last two years can be found in our e-news to members, our newsletters, through our Facebook and Twitter pages, in press releases which are reported in weekly and monthly angling publications and through this website's archive of news articles.

Here are links to some of this work on the key issues for Specialist Anglers:

We want the Government to review the licensing procedure to control these invasive fish eating birds so that angling and the angling industry can start to recover from the decades of damage to our sport. Read more HERE.
In October 2011 we launched a Seven Point Plan to tackle poaching including a pilot scheme for volunteer bailiffs. Poaching is now causing huge amount of damage to specimen fishing with set lines, electro-fishing and other illegal methods wiping out whole year classes of large fish. Read more HERE but most importantly support our work by joining us for less than 50p a week!
Building Bridges with Eastern European Anglers
Some anglers from Eastern European countries may not know of the cultural differences that mean we recognise large specimen fish as valuable and often priceless creatures to be returned safely to the waters from which we catch them. Read how we are making great progress educating migrant workers about this and integrating them into UK angling practices by encouraging them to join their local fishing club. More HERE.
Fish Disease, Tackle and Fish Theft
The Angling Trust are project partners in Cefas' Crimestoppers programme that enables those with information about illegal fish movements and imports, fish theft, tackle theft and other angling related crime to anonymously report these practices. A KHV outbreak can kill all the specimen carp in your fishery very quickly. KHV is caused by illegal fish movements. Help us fight this and therefore protect your fishing. Read more HERE and if you want to support this work and protect old, irreplaceable specimens join us.
As the representative body for sea anglers throughout England, the Angling Trust is committed to improving recreational sea angling for its members by creating a sustainable marine environment. Our aim is to generate, and to keep, more and bigger fish in the sea for the long term sustainability of sea angling now and for generations of sea anglers to come. Read more HERE.
Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS)
Our rivers, canals, lakes and ponds are under attack. Plants and animals from other countries are finding their way into our waterways after being imported for ornamental or agricultural use. If you have ever: tried to fish for chub or barbel on a crayfish infested river, read about the threat of Killer Shrimp to trout fisheries or Mitten Crab to the estuarine environment then you will be familiar with the damage that INNS cause. More HERE.
Defra Data Collection Project - What will it mean for Sea Anglers?
We are committed to providing you with all the information on the project with which you can make an informed decision about whether to contribute to it or not. So keep your eyes open for more news about this on this website, our page and in our e-updates. To stay up to date on this issue join the Angling Trust. We send our sea angling members regular e-news releases.
Hydropower is coming to a river near you. Be prepared to take action to defend your river and its fish. The Angling Trust is objecting to as many schemes as it can, but we need your support to help register your concerns about the promotion and encouragement of low head hydropower. We care passionately about climate change, but low-head hydropower will make a negligible contribution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and will damage to our river systems. All the info you need is HERE.
The state of Our Rivers
The Angling Trust, in partnership with WWF, RSPB, and the Association of Rivers Trusts is spearheading a campaign called Our Rivers to raise the profile of protecting and improving river environments. More info HERE. Last year we won £100 million of Government funding to improve rivers. If you want to support this kind of work for your fishing join us, membership of your representative body will cost you less than 50p a week - a tiny price to pay!
One of the results of the recovery of otter populations has been increased concern about predation on specimen fish. Otters have caused not only financial damage to fisheries but they are the cause of specimen sized fish becoming scarce on some rivers and stillwaters. Sometimes these fish are irreplaceable, either financially or because they have taken years to attain these sizes. The effect on clubs and angling related business can be massive once specialist anglers stop fishing venues or move to other fisheries which have not been affected yet. The Angling Trust will do even more to counter this new problem when we have more members. Read our position on otters HERE and if YOU want to make a difference then join us.
Salmon Farms and Sea Lice
The Angling Trust's legal arm Fish Legal (formerly known as the ACA - the Anglers’ Conservation Association) is currently investigating the damage being caused by fish farms, sea-lice, escapee fish and smolt farming on the integrity of sea trout fishing and the potential damage to wild fisheries and fish. Individual members of the Angling Trust automatically become members of Fish Legal and contribute to this legal work. Large, healthy wild game fish need protecting. Read more HERE and join the Angling Trust to protect the future of your game fishing.
Access for Sea Anglers
We fight to protect access for anglers and bait-diggers to harbours, estuaries and marine conservation zones. If you want to continue to be able to catch large specimens of your target species join and support our campaigns for sea angling by becoming a member.

Download Files for Specialist Anglers Below

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