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Angling Trust Ambassadors

Hayley Clapperton (previously Goldsmith)

“I’ve always supported and assisted the work of the Angling Trust. They are the sport’s governing body and I doubt there’s an organisation that could do a better job. Their work is hugely varied, more so than most anglers realise, and they need to be recognised for that. I’ve liaised and worked with many of the staff and they are all passionate about what they do, without them, angling would be a in very different environment.”

“For me it’s all about giving something back to the industry I’ve come to love, so being asked to become an Ambassador for the Angling Trust is very humbling - it didn’t take me long to think about it!”

Hayley Clapperton

Managing Director of Bait-Tech Ltd

Steven Neely

Steven Neely

Reg Phillips

Reg Phillips

Rob Hughes

Whether it’s representing our country at international events, or representing our sport in the courts, I fully support the Angling Trust and its mission…. to protect and promote angling. Whether it's raising environmental issues, increasing awareness, promoting participation, or protecting our interests, the Angling Trust is our representative body and needs your support too. Join now. Help support your sport.

Rob Hughes

TV Presenter & Carp Team England Manager

hether its representing our country at international events, or representing our sport in the courts, I fully support the Angling Trust and its mission…. to protect and promote angling. Join now and help support your spor
Hywel Morgan - Go Fish!

It’s a great honour to be asked to become an ambassador for the Angling Trust and hopefully all Welsh anglers will join this great organisation.  Fishing in Wales is currently under attack from pollution and predation with nobody doing anything about it.  Hopefully the Angling Trust can step in and make a difference and ensure the future of Welsh rivers is a good one.

Hywel Morgan (pictured here with Will Millard)

Game tackle consultant for Daiwa Sports Ltd, Guide and TV Presenter

Tanya Morgan

I’m delighted to be asked to become an angling Ambassador for the Angling Trust and hopefully I can help encourage more young people to try our fantastic sport.

Tanya Morgan

Member of the Welsh Youth Team, Royal Welsh National Pairs Casting Champion, Twice UK Game Fair Champion and Welsh Youth Champion.

Dai Gribble

I’m proud to be a member of the Angling Trust and help support the wide range of activities they undertake to improve fishing for all. It’s easy to stand on the side lines and complain but if you really want things to change you need to join with others and use your voice constructively.

Dai Gribble

Guide and Korum Consultant

Hassan Khan

Angling has given me so much throughout my life, I’m extremely privileged and fortunate to have a career within the industry. In my opinion every angler has a responsibility to protect and promote our beautiful sport to ensure its secure future. Supporting the Angling Trust is a key part of this for me as collectively working together we can achieve much more, all for the wider and greater benefit of angling as a whole

Hassan Khan

Social Media Manager, Angling Direct

Marina Gibson

I feel privileged to be working with the Angling Trust who are at the forefront of improving fish welfare and campaigning for a better and healthier aquatic environment, as well as promoting the sport to newcomers. As an ambassador who is passionate about getting more people fishing and outdoors, my main focus will be working together with the Angling Trust to introduce more people to the sport and the great outdoors, as well as partnering up to offer free fishing days for charities.

Marina Gibson
Founder, Northern Fishing School

Henry Giles
I am pleased to join the list of Angling Trust Ambassadors and praise the breadth and depth of what this united body achieves for game, coarse and sea fishers in England and Wales. From challenging over-fishing at sea through to awareness of the danger posed by fish-eating birds, the Trust leads the way. Habitat degradation is flagged up, as is over-abstraction. On offer is morale-boosting strength of purpose alongside Fish Legal, which gives teeth in the law courts to fighting pollution and the other threats.
Henry Giles
Author and writer




Will Millard v2 x550px

lhquoteNow, more than ever, anglers need to unify across our sport and take active responsibility for the fish we catch and the environment we love. Becoming a member of the Angling Trust is giving direct backing and support to an organisation of experts that are absolutely leading the way in protecting and fighting for all our best interests. Fishing has changed my life and my happiness can be measured by my proximity to our wild waters, the thought that generations of anglers may not experience the same privilege in the future is, frankly, horrifying.

Will Millard
Explorer, Presenter and Writer

James Stokoe


Fishing to me isn't just a sport or hobby it's a lifestyle and has been a huge part of my life since I was 13, without the angling trust the new generation of young anglers won't be able to experience what we have so as an angling nation we need to stick together and support this amazing organisation as the future of angling lies in the kids and fish stocks of today! Tight lines.rhquote

James Stokoe, The Big Fish Off – Earths Wildest Waters Finalist

 Sam Edmonds

lhquoteAll major sports have a national governing body backing them and we're very lucky to have such a committed, driven organisation in the Angling Trust. They support our anglers, the environment in which they fish, our national teams, and the development of schemes and programmes encouraging people to give fishing a go if they haven't already. I'm honoured to be an ambassador for the Trust!


Sam Edmonds
Lure fishing consultant and project manager for Get Hooked on Fishing

Jo Stephenson


I am so thrilled to be asked to be an ambassador for the Angling Trust. For many of us fishing is a way of life no matter what the discipline or target quarry, it can take you all over the world and build you great friendships. Like most fishing fanatics I want to see our fish and their waterways looked after and protected, not only for me but for the future of fishing, I want to see more young people (and more women) encouraged to pick up a rod and shown how to love and respect our fish and pastime. The Angling Trust is there to do just those things for the benefit of all of us. Every angler should support the Angling Trust and their campaigns or our way of life could become a way of the past.rhquote

Jo Stephenson, Big Fish Off Semi Finalist, Fly Tyer and Guide

Budgie Price


If I'm completely honest, I've dragged my feet for years over joining a representational body for angling and while I'm bearing my soul I might as well put my hands up and admit that, were I not asked to be an ambassador for the Angling Trust, I'd have likely procrastinated for a good few more. So why choose to do so now? Well, it's not through a sense of guilt or because I'm flattered by the gesture, although it is nice to be asked. However, now, more than at almost any point in the past, when over 60% of the U.K.'s rivers are failing, purely through low fish stocks, it's crucial that angling demonstrates a coherent, dynamic and unified front.

It ain't rocket science, there's strength in numbers and together the opportunities are boundless.rhquote

Budgie Price, Co-Founder of the Avon Roach Project

Lisa Isles


Angling is important in so many ways. Generations have enjoyed the benefits for years, but with time there is always change. With the Angling Trust we have a voice and it's this voice which will enable our generation, along with future ones to enjoy and experience this incredible pastime and all it has to offer. rhquote

Lisa Isles, Ex-England International fly fisher and Greys Pro-Team member

Robin Morley


As a passionate lifelong angler it is essential we have a strong and unified body to promote and safeguard the future of fishing and I would urge anyone with an interest in angling to join the Angling Trust, not just for now, but for the benefit of generations of fishermen to come.rhquote

Robin Morley, Deputy Managing Director, Daiwa UK

Sarah Collins Ambassador

lhquoteIncreasing the number of youngsters coming into angling is a priority.  I am delighted to be able to help and support the Angling Trust, our national governing body, make fishing as safe and accessible as possible for young people, their families and their communities and to urge all anglers to become members.rhquote
Sarah Collins,
CEO of Get Hooked on Fishing

Phil Smith Ambassador

lhquoteAngling is under pressure from many sources all of which are well documented and discussed in forums etc.  Unfortunately these discussions are talking to the converted, mostly anglers and we need to reach the wider public and this is where the Angling Trust might succeed.  It will not be easy and I personally fear for the future of Specialist Anglers especially on our rivers but without effort and finance we will certainly fail.rhquote
Phil Smith,
Specialist coarse angler and author

Nigel Botherway Ambassador

lhquoteJoining the Angling Trust is a total no-brainer for me. It's the governing body for our sport, a unified voice that stands up for the rights of all anglers, all fish - and the habitat they live in. If you're not a member yet, then join now!rhquote
Nigel Botherway,
Radio and TV presenter of angling shows

Pete Reading Ambassador

lhquoteI would be honoured and delighted to accept; I am eager to see more anglers both supporting the Trust and becoming more involved, and simply contributing more to their sport, and more importantly, the environment that supports the fish that they expect to be there for them to target! I am particularly interested in seeing more anglers back on our rivers, and supporting the excellent initiatives being undertaken by both the AT and other organisations in protecting and improving the natural habitat so important for healthy, self-sustaining fish stocks, along with a balanced ecosystem that will support the widest range of plant and animal life.rhquote
Pete Reading,
Specialist Angler and Writer, Barbel Society Research and Conservation Officer

William Daniel Ambassador

lhquoteI caught my first roach, rudd, perch and trout in 1968, and have now been running Famous Fishing, based on the English chalk streams, since 1995. Although catching fish will always be an important part of fishing, it means much more to me than that: it's taken me to some fabulous places all over the world, and many lifetime friendships have been forged through a shared interest. But perhaps the most important thing fishing has done for me, is to make me a conservationist, passionate about protecting aquatic habitats. The Angling Trust's record in championing the many causes of anglers, particularly in fighting pollution cases on behalf of its members, is a very good reason for anyone with a love of fishing to become a member. At a time when angler numbers are falling, it is even more important that we are prepared to stand up and be counted, and by joining the Angling Trust, you are stating that you care about future generations enjoying our wonderful sport.rhquote
William Daniel,
Founder of Famous Fishing

Ian Chillcott Ambassador

lhquoteIsn't it amazing how much pleasure angling has given our generation? And isn't it amazing how, just by giving your support to the Angling Trust, we can guarantee that pleasure for future generations to come?rhquote
Ian "Chilly" Chillcott,
Legendary carp angler and founder of English Carp Heritage Organisation

Chris Clark

lhquoteBeing fragmented will only multiply the numerous problems for all anglers but having a strong unified body speaking with one voice will send out a clear message to those in power, it's the only way forward to protect the sport we love. Continuously complaining and moaning from the outside without any real goal will achieve nothing, it has a negative impact.rhquote
Chris Clark,
International match angler.

Leon Roskilly

lhquoteThe UK could support world-class angling if the political will can be found to restore and protect habitat and fish-stocks in our rivers and seas. The will to do that will only come from a strong organisation speaking for all anglers, defending our interests and capable of taking on powerful competing interests that would diminish our angling heritage and ruin the ecology and environment that supports the fish on which we all depend. rhquote
Leon Roskilly,
Sea angling conservationist.

Keith Arthur

lhquoteA unified representative body is something I've campaigned for over a long period of time. It's the only thing that make sense. If only everyone could see that and support it, everyone's sport - and where they do it - would see dramatic, positive changes.rhquote
Keith Arthur,
Writer, broadcaster and presenter.

Keith Elliott

lhquoteUnited we stand. Angling has for too long been divided and divisive. There are threats everywhere and a strong, united body is the only way we can face and counter such threats.rhquote
Keith Elliott,

Alan Scotthorne

lhquoteWe have lost access to so many venues over the years that having the Angling Trust to fight our corner is a must. We need the Trust to fight for our access especially on rivers where we, as anglers, can keep an eye on water quality and predators that can create so many problems for fish stocks.rhquote
Alan Scotthorne MBE,
International and World Champion match angler

Andy Little

lhquoteI think we have to learn from past experiences and acting as one voice we can tackle issues within angling and the environment more effectively than small groups working on their own. Not only will this help us focus on important issues but we will have the strength and backing of all participants within our sport. Financial support can be raised and spent more wisely within this format as all donations can be clearly seen to make a difference and have an immediate effect. Most importantly a single body can be managed in a professional and more proficient way.rhquote
Andy Little,
Deputy Chairman (Director) Fox International Group Limited.

Sandra Scotthorne

lhquoteI have been an angler for over 40 years and Represented England for over 15 years in the Ladies Course Team. The Angling Trust run all Team England matches and every match angler should get behind and support their work. rhquote
Sandra Scotthorne,
International Champion match angler.

Graham Mole

lhquoteWithout the Trust commerce and officialdom would get away with murder with their plethora of "ions" - pollution, diffusion, abstraction, predation. But that one strong, knowledgeable and concerned voice can make sure we retain our green and pleasant land - and the rivers than run through it...rhquote
Graham Mole,
Writer, columnist for Trout and Salmon magazine.

Brian Clark

lhquoteThe Angling Trust is the most important development in angling in my lifetime. For the first time it has given the sport the single, coherent voice it so long lacked. The trust speaks for us all in the face of ever-mounting pressures: environmental pressures (pollution, abstraction), social pressures (increasing detachment from the countryside, a consequent shifting of public attitudes to field sports of all kinds, reduced recruitment) - and the direct attacks of those who would see angling banned. To any angler who is not a trust member I would say join now, join today: protect the heritage that you have enjoyed - and keep it safe for your children.rhquote
Brian Clarke,
Times Fishing correspondent, and Former President, the Wild Trout Trust

Feargal Sharkey
Feargal Sharkey,
Musician and record industry executive.

Jim Whippy

lhquoteIt’s already shown that the strength in unity has given the Angling Trust the ear of various department of the government. One voice speaking for all anglers has got to be the only way we will be heard and taken notice of.

Jim Whippy
Former editor of Sea Angling News, Total Sea Fishing and Boat Fishing Monthly.

Charles Rangeley-Wilson

lhquoteThe environmental, economic and social pressures on our rivers and lakes come from all sides and will not go away anytime soon. Anglers are the custodians of this national heritage and we need to speak with one voice to be heard and to be influential.

Charles Rangeley-Wilson
President The Wild Trout Trust, Trustee The Norfolk Rivers Trust, Patron The Wandle Piscators.

Scott Maslen

lhquoteI have been fishing all my life and I have got so much pleasure from it.  I think it's really important that we protect our sport, now and in the future.  The Angling Trust and Fish Legal do a fantastic job protecting fish and fishing and they really need the support of every serious angler.  Please join now and encourage everyone you know to do the same.rhquote
Scott Maslen,
TV star and carp angler

Jeremy Wade

lhquoteI'm supporting the Angling Trust because it's only interest groups that can put forward a united and coherent message who stand any chance of making any impact.rhquote

Jeremy Wade,
Author and TV presenter (River Monsters).

Nigel Horsman

lhquoteThe fight for better bass management and a better deal for bass anglers is vitally important for all sea anglers. We've endured decades of mismanagement of fish stocks for the short term benefit of commercial fishermen, with no regard for anglers. New EU and UK policy should see improved management of sea fish and more recognition of the importance of recreational sea angling. The Angling Trust are just as passionate as me about all types of fishing (I also coarse and fly fish) and it's essential to support their campaigns for better fishing. Please join the Angling Trust - it doesn't cost much and it might just improve your fishing more than the next piece of shiny new tackle you buy!rhquote
Nigel Horsman,
Bass Anglers Sport Fishing Society Campaigner

Rod Sturdy


I am delighted to have my name added to the list of Angling Trust Ambassadors. Fishing has been an incredibly satisfying and enjoyable part of my life for well over 50 years. It has given me and countless others pleasure and satisfaction in all sorts of ways. I have long thought however that anglers need a strong, unified organisation to work on their behalf, and to ensure that future generations can enjoy fishing as we know it. Nowadays, given dwindling angler numbers, ever-competition for space and access from other water sports, and the relentless assault on rivers and other waters in the form of abstraction and pollution, such an organisation is needed more than ever. I urge all anglers to join and support the work of the Angling Trust.rhquote

Rod Sturdy – Angling Writer

Bev Clifford


Angling has played a big part in my life since the day I was born thanks to my father; his passion for the sport and that he created a business around the sport he loves. I have such a lot to thank angling for including lifelong friendships on top of just enjoying the sport on a personal level as a pastime. I am pleased to have been asked by the Angling Trust to be one of their ambassadors as we all need to work together to make sure that angling has a bright and flourishing future ahead for all generations to come, so they can enjoy the same experiences and pleasure that we enjoy from our sport.rhquote

Bev Clifford - Owner of Carp Talk Magazine and co-owner of Carpin’ On Show

Gary Edmonds

lhquoteI'm honoured to be asked to be an ambassador for the Angling Trust. The world has changed massively since I was a boy fishing with my Dad and there are now many more problems for angling to overcome, so if you love your fishing and all the wonderful wildlife and nature associated with angling, I strongly recommend you join the Angling Trust, who are both protecting and promoting our wonderful sport for our children and grandchildren.rhquote

Gary Edmonds – Team England Lure Angler


Tony King


I have been fishing since I could walk; it has been a constant throughout my life.

I was introduced to fishing by my dad who was an avid and competent angler. I spent countless hours with him and school friends, trying to catch fish, mainly freshwater. As I got older I branched out and into most types of angling and love being an all-rounder.

Over the last near sixty years my angling journey has taken me a long way; it has provided opportunities to make numerous life-long friends and taken me to many wonderful places. I have been fortunate to have caught one or two specimen fish along the way!

Being nominated as an Angling Trust ambassador is a genuine honour. It is the only representative body for the whole of angling and I firmly believe that EVERY angler should be a member. 

I am really looking forward to being able to put something back into the sport that has given me so much and will be supporting the work of the Angling Trust to secure a better future for fish and fishing at every available opportunity.rhquote

Tony King, Writer and Instructor

David Wolsoncroft Dodds


All fishers should join the Angling Trust and Fish Legal. The organisation is promoting our wonderful sport and is fighting for its future. At last, we are gaining a voice that is being heard by the political establishment and is holding powerful companies to account. The larger the membership, the more influence we can demand and exert.

Fishing isn't my hobby. It's my fieldsport - an all-consuming passion that fascinates, delights and challenges me on every level. It connects me to the natural environment. I am not observing from the outside; I am an integral part of that environment.rhquote

David Wolsoncroft-Dodds, Pike Fly Fishing Guide and Writer

lhquoteI have seen at first hand how effectively the Angling Trust lobbies on behalf of angling and the environment. It is a respected player in the corridors of power because its arguments are evidence-based and coherent. There has never been a more important time for a strong voice for anglers and the rivers, lakes and seas where they fish. It is an honour to be an Ambassador for the Trust.rhquote
Richard Benyon,
Ex-Fisheries Minister


lhquoteBarry Hearn Ambassador

lhquoteI'm delighted to be an Ambassador of the Angling Trust. Both as an angler myself as well as the promoter of Britain's biggest match - Fish'O'Mania - it's a sport that has given me great pleasure on many levels and continues to do so. I believe that fishing can be a powerful force for good and the cornerstone of that is a strong and active governing body. From televised match fishing down to Sunday afternoon pleasure angling, it is a sport for everyone, with very few barriers. That is why the Angling Trust has my whole-hearted support.rhquote
Barry Hearn,
Chairman of Matchroom Sport, World Snooker Ltd and the Professional Darts Corporation

Peter Hayes Ambassador

lhquoteIt was the close commitment of Fish Legal that got the Wiltshire Fishery Association our wins against over-abstraction from the Wylye recently with (as yet planned) reductions from two pumping stations that seriously impact the lower river--and that made a contribution to the water company's planning their regional water grid which is gradually being put in place. Never mind the abstractors and polluters themselves, the supposedly regulatory authorities (EA,NE,DEFRA) simply do not listen to the voice of the angler 'crying in the wilderness' unless effective legal threats and lobbying can be mounted, with powerful evidence, against their destructive actions and omissions. That is why I have been, and remain, a firm supporter of the Angling Trust and Fish Legal and I am delighted to be asked to be an ambassador.rhquote
Peter Hayes,
Author and expert trout angler

Gary Newman Ambassador

lhquoteI have fished since I was very young and love the sport, but if fishing is to continue as we know it, then we need to support the Angling Trust as they work to safeguard angling and improve our fisheries.rhquote
Gary Newman,
Angling Journalist

Alex Jardine Ambassador

lhquoteAs anglers we all share the same passion and we should therefore unite and share one voice, this is what the Angling Trust offers us now and for the future.rhquote
Alex Jardine,
Team England Youth Fly Fisher

Chris Turnbull Ambassador

lhquoteMore than ever angling needs a strong united body to represent the sport's interests and fight on its behalf. The Angling Trust is this body, however, its success can only be as strong as its membership and their support. I urge every angler to become a member!rhquote
Chris Turnbull,
Specialist Angler, angling artist and Illustrator

John Horsey

lhquoteFor years people have talked about a unified voice for angling, where sea, coarse and game anglers come together - and work together - for the good of the sport. Now that dream is a reality and we have a real opportunity to become a true force acting in the best interests of our members and the sport."rhquote
John Horsey,
Expert angling guide and TV presenter

Terry Hearn

lhquoteIt's time that all carp anglers join the Angling Trust to protect their fish and fishing from fish theft, fish disease, the taking of fish for the table, predation and angling bans. Get behind the Trust now. I'm a member and you should be too.rhquote
Terry Hearn
Top carp angler and former holder of the British carp record.

Paul Whitehouse

lhquoteAs long as individual voices can be heard within an organisation, it helps to have a single focus and point of contact for our concerns. The Angling Trust deserves the support of all anglers.rhquote
Paul Whitehouse,
Comic actor and writer.

Chris Yates

lhquoteFor the Angling Trust to have such a committed, experienced and passionate campaigner as Martin Salter fighting for our rivers will give every angler cause for hope.rhquote
Chris Yates,
Author and former record carp holder.

Dave Harrell

lhquoteFishing has been a massive part of my life since I was five years old and the thought of not being able to fish my favourite rivers in the future is something I don't even want to consider. I know many other anglers all over the country feel the same way and by supporting the Angling Trust we can ensure that we have the very best support in terms of fighting pollution issues, predation and poaching. I'd urge everyone to join so that we can continue to enjoy the places that we all love going to.rhquote
Dave Harrell,
Champion match angler and Managing Director of Dave Harrell Angling Ltd.

Wendy Lythgoe Ambassador
Wendy Lythgoe-Clark,
Top International Angler.

Andrew Herd

lhquoteAngling has a rich past and a promising future - but only if fishermen unite behind the Angling Trust.rhquote
Andrew Herd,
Executive editor of Waterlog magazine.

Dean Macey

lhquoteWith predation, pollution and poaching to name just a few things that threaten our wonderful sport, we need an organisation that will stand up and be counted and that is not afraid to voice anglers feelings. In my opinion that has never been done better than through the Angling Trust. Having all angling bodies under the same umbrella gives a much more devastating punch and in these trying times, that is what angling needs!rhquote
Dean Macey,
Commonwealth and World Championship medal holder.

Neville Fickling

lhquoteHaving been involved in angling politics for many years through the SAA and Zander Anglers Club it has always been clear that we need a single unified body to present our interests to Government.rhquote
Neville Fickling,
Author and former British rod caught pike record holder.

Martin James

lhquoteI have always believed we need a strong national organisation to represent the sport of angling. All other sports have their national organisations. Today through the Angling trust we have one voice representing all anglers.rhquote
Martin James,
Author and BBC radio presenter.

Will Raison

lhquoteIt is important to have a single body to represent all anglers as this defends all our angling rights, represents all members at national and international level, builds closer relationships between anglers and environmental agencies, combats anti-angling and protects angling as a sport.rhquote
Will Raison,
European and World Champion, member of Team England for 15 years.

Charles Clover

lhquoteI have seen at close quarters over many years how the Angling Trust Angling Trust and Fish Legal stand up for the water environment and our sport. If I was a polluter or a plunderer I would be very afraid of this small but very effective band. It should be understood that it is the responsibility of every angler and angling club to join.

Charles Clover, Journalist and Author

Ross Brawn

lhquoteI began my fishing career in the polluted rivers and canals of Manchester in the sixties. They have improved massively since that time, but we must continue the effort to improve all of the waters and environments we fish in. Anglers really care about their waters and the Angling Trust and Fish Legal can provide the coordinated means and strength to ensure we leave our waters in better condition than we found them. I am also a strong believer in getting kids outdoors and promoting the wonderful sport we enjoy and supporting the Angling Trust is one of the best ways of achieving this.rhquote
Ross Brawn,
F1 Ex-technical director

Andy Ford

lhquoteFishing is a way of life. Our culture is unique. The challenges faced by our sport have to be handled by people who understand what’s needed. Anglers are people who care passionately about their sport, their environment and the creatures living within it. Being part of the Angling Trust allows us all a voice to champion what we do and support the causes that really matter to anglers.rhquote

Andy Ford Reporter and Presenter for ‘Tight Lines’

Paul Devlin

lhquoteI believe that all anglers should join and support the Angling Trust & Fish Legal. Fishing needs a voice strong enough to deal with, not just individual local issues that affect our fishing, but can also be heard on a national level. A voice that can deal with any UK and EU policies that threaten the future of our recreational fishing.

Fishing for me changed my life around at a very early age. As a young lad it calmed me, made me more patient, and allowed me to respect the environment and surroundings we have available to us. I have also been very lucky to go on and make my living from a sport that I adore. I strongly believe we need to become united to protect what we have and hopefully by doing so we will make things better for future generations.rhquote

Paul Devlin, Managing director, Glasgow Angling Centre

Trevor Harrop

lhquoteIt’s an unfortunate fact that ‘Angling’ in general is well known for its apathy and always seems eclipsed when it comes to being listened to and taken seriously regarding important ecological issues; so joining and supporting a unified representative body with an increasingly powerful voice is, as far as I’m concerned, a ‘no brainer’ and when asked to become an Angling Trust ambassador, that too was a ‘no brainer’ and indeed an honour for me.

I would urge every angler in the country to join as the more members there are, the greater volume our collective voice will have.

We are simply the custodians of the ‘here and now’ and all have a duty to look after and protect our amazing pastime and secure its legacy for future generations.rhquote

Trevor Harrop, Co-Founder of the Avon roach Project

Rae Borras Ambassador

lhquoteI believe every UK Angler should put their wholehearted support behind the Angling Trust. It is no accident as to why avian predators enjoy inappropriate levels of protection, or why the current management of Rivers and Wetlands is so skewed against fisheries and towards wading birds. It is because the people supporting these agendas speak with united voices, with focus and passion to the right people. We anglers must do the same and we must do it better. The Angling Trust is gives us the very best chance of achieving this aim.rhquote
Rae Borras,
Angling TV Presenter (The Compleat Angler and The Game Fisher's Diary, etc.)

Tom Pickering Ambassador

lhquoteI think that every fisherman should be a member of the Angling Trust. As our main body they have the strength to make angling strong and if we are all together then we are a strong force to fight for what we need to make angling stronger, to protect the environment, and to help and promote youngsters into our sport. For a few pounds a year you can make a great contribution to the success of angling, let's all be together and be strong.rhquote
Tom Pickering,
World Champion Team England Angler

Emma Pickering Ambassador

lhquoteHaving been an angler from a young age I am delighted to be asked to be an ambassador for the Angling Trust. Angling is such a huge sport and as the country's governing body the Angling Trust is doing everything it can to maximise participation within the sport for all ages.rhquote
Emma Pickering,
Team England Angler

Mark Everard Ambassador

lhquoteI have been a Life Member of the Angling Trust, and formerly the ACA, for about a quarter century now, serving as a Director of the ACA for many years.  Anglers need a voice, and the waters we fish need an even louder voice, if fish stocks and the ecosystems they depend upon are to be protected and valued.  The challenges we face are daunting, but the Angling Trust is a strident voice I am happy to support in its efforts to secure future wellbeing: for fish, for anglers, for all of us into the future.rhquote
Dr. Mark Everard,
Author and specialist roach angler

Paul Proctor Ambassador

lhquoteWhether you're presenting hemp under a sensitive float for finicky roach, hurtling a paternoster rig towards the horizon in search of codling, or delivering a tiny dry fly to dimpling trout, all fishermen share a common goal. It's crucial then we pull together by supporting the Angling Trust, who work tirelessly to protect our waterways and rights for future generations to enjoy the very same passion we've experienced. I'm delighted to help this worthy organization, who are now clearly recognised when it comes to the voice for anglersrhquote
Paul Procter,
Fly Fishing Journalist

Graham Mabey Ambassador

lhquoteSince a young age my life experiences and been shaped by angling - friends made, places travelled, books read ... and now I take pride in helping others engage in the sport of angling and experience the wonders of the sport through my work at FLE. People should join the Angling Trust in order to ensure there is a bright future for others to enjoy, allowing future anglers the same thrill and experiences that we have been privileged to in years past.rhquote
Graham Mabey,
Director - For Life Experiences

Andy Beadsley Ambassador

lhquoteThe Angling Trust recognises that angling is an activity disabled people like me can participate in very effectively given the right access and opportunities. I am a member and I urge every angler to join to provide a more powerful voice for anglers in all their diversity.rhquote
Andy Beadsley,
Founder and Director of the Wheelyboat Trust

Charles Jardine

lhquoteIf you are committed to angling; then you should be committed to this organisation. The Angling Trust exists for us: now, in the future and children's future. Just support them, please.rhquote
Charles Jardine
Expert fly fisherman and illustrator

John Bailey

lhquoteAngling by its very nature is a vastly diverse catholic church with very little in common between the widely differing groups. Anglers, too, are by their nature shy, retiring and solitary creatures! If there is any chance of the sport being heard in political and wider social arenas then a single and effective mouthpiece must be created and be supported.rhquote
John Bailey
Angling writer and presenter.

Henry Gilbey

lhquoteAsk any sea angler what they would like to see in the future and I bet you that 99% of the time the answer is a collective more and bigger fish to catch. That is exactly what I want to see myself, and I firmly believe that now is the time to align ourselves behind the Angling Trust and give them the chance to make this a reality. I worry hugely about the future of UK saltwater fishing, so the least we can do is to give the UK's one professional organisation the best possible go at protecting our sport.rhquote
Henry Gilbey
TV presenter, angling photographer and journalist.

Hugh Miles

lhquoteNothing in our crowded countryside faces the number of threats that our freshwater habitats face and for some of our fish the situation is becoming critical. So it is vital that we have a strong voice to represent their interests and the science to argue the case for their protection.rhquote
Hugh Miles
Angling writer and filmmaker.

Malcolm Gilbert

lhquoteThe sheer diversity of sea angling inevitably results in a wide array of opinions on fisheries management issues. Sea anglers must learn to put their differences to one side in order to unite and focus of achieving far greater political clout for the overall good of our fishery resources and future sea anglers. We must work together to bring a cultural mindset change to fisheries management where currently short term political appeasement of commercial fishing interests dominate, to one where the restoration and well being of the fishery resources themselves become the overarching priority.rhquote
Malcolm Gilbert
Sea Angling conservationist.

Bob Nudd

lhquoteAs a united body I feel angling is much safer and I would urge all anglers to join and make the Trust an even stronger body.rhquote
Bob Nudd MBE
Four times Angling World Champion.

Roy Marlow

lhquoteHaving fished around the world one single thing stands out when it comes to representation at the highest level. Any country that has not got a single body to represent it always struggles with angling policies. Not rocket science but a blatant fact!rhquote
Roy Marlow
Owner of Mallory Park Fisheries, director with The Angling Foundation.

Steve Ringer

lhquoteEvery major sport or interest needs a governing body to fight its cause and angling is no different. It's time for anglers to offer a united front and fight the problems we face together through one governing body. Only this way do we stand any chance of succeeding long term. You only have to look at the work that their legal arm Fish Legal has done to realise how important the Angling Trust is and the good work it can do providing it has our backing as anglers.rhquote
Steve Ringer
England International medal winner.

Luke Jennings

lhquoteIn a world of X-Factor moments and instant, mouse-click gratification, angling offers the long game. It stills the mind and awakens the instinct. It teaches you that, in the end, there's no winning and no losing, just the place and the moment and the doing of the thing. It is, in the very best sense, an education.rhquote
Luke Jennings

Oliver Edwards

lhquoteHaving a smattering of organisations of paltry numbers rarely produces results. Whereas one huge body all banging the same big drum has clout... lots of clout. Take the "Birding" lobby, the RSPB as a prime example, where Just about every little grey haired old lady in the country is a member. Oh to wield such power!!!rhquote
Oliver Edwards
Flyfishing and Flytying Instructor.

Mick Brown

lhquoteI've always believed that direct local action gets quicker and better results than a bureaucratic approach and this is the way I have proceeded with dealing with local angling problems for twenty years or so. It has worked well but today I am faced with problems on a scale that the individual has no chance of tackling successfully. I now firmly believe that supporting The Angling Trust is the only way forward and I pledge them my full support. Even so, they need the additional support of thousands of anglers like me and you or we will see angling as we know and love it slowly taken away from us.
Mick Brown,
Author and TV presenter.

Other ambassadors include...
Jon Beer, Author.

Martin Salter, National Campaigns Coordinator for the Angling Trust said: “It is now time that all anglers who care about the future of their sport got behind the Angling Trust so that we can have the mandate and the resources we need to persuade politicians and others in power to take action to protect and improve our fish stocks and fishing."

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