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Barnsley Team photo

Drennan Barnsley Blacks triumph in Winter League Final 2017 The winter league final was held once again on the Fenland Drains and Decoy Lakes on Saturday 25th February 2017. This split format is still in its infancy, however it is proving immensely popular with competitors as once again 34 teams of 10 battled it out for the title.

Ossett 1st

Ossett win Angling Trust Winter League 2015/2016 The 2015/16 Winter League final saw 340 anglers and 34 teams from across the country compete on the Fenland Drains and Decoy Lakes in Peterborough - and it was Team Ossett from Yorkshire who delivered a superb performance to secure a cheque for £3,000 and the title, their first win in the competition.

Starlets 2015 Winter League Final

Angling Trust Winter League Grand Final 2015 16 teams of 8 gathered from all parts of the country for the first of the two leg Angling Trust Winter League Grand Final on the Thorne section of the Stainforth & Keadby canal on 4th July 2015. Bloodworm and joker were allowed for this match, and anglers who had travelled to practice had managed decent nets of fish on this method.

Drennan Barnsley Blacks 2014

A look back at 2014 Drennan Barnsley Blacks win Championship title in the Angling Trust Winter League Final

Winter League

steve hemingray Winter League 2015

Angling Trust Winter League Final 2020.

No semi finals


Saturday 22nd February 2020.

Venue 1: Decoy Lakes

Venue 2: Fenland Drains


Anglers should follow the specific guidance which applies to the place in which they live. The UK government have made clear that individuals must take responsibility for their own actions and we would ask anglers not to undermine this point by breaking government guidance on travel.

If an angler were found to have travelled illegally then this would be a police matter and we would work with the police as requested to provide any information we were in possession of. It is entirely possible that should an angler travel illegally to fish a competition that they could be disqualified and it is for this reason we are offering anglers travelling from outside of England to fish our competitions the opportunity to claim a full refund within timescales laid out.

**Cancellation/Refunds:** Please note: If you wish to cancel a ticket, please inform by email, and include your name, the name of the qualifier you would like to cancel, your membership number & post code. We require 7 days notice prior to the qualifier in order to process a refund. Any notification outside of this time scale will not be entitled to receive a refund. Please note: There is no secondary market for the sale or transfer of any tickets.

Winter League Final 2020 Opens and Practice Matches 

To book onto the Stanjay Opens contact Stanjay Tackle, Stan Binge on 01480 453303. 

Open matches will be on the 20ft, Benwick and Factory Bank.

Sunday 26th January

Sunday 2nd February

Sunday 16th February 

The draw will be at the Five All’s (Pub), 33 High Street, Benwick, March. PE15 0XA.

Draw 7.45am.

To book onto March opens contact Bob Fitzjohn Tel; 07970 673 439

Sunday 12th January

Sunday 26th January

Sunday 16th February

Winter League Final Teams 2020 competing are;

Ancholme League – Lincs Tidechasers/Scunthorpe Tackle

Avon Valley League – Daiwa Dorking/Drennan Bordon/ Sensas Oakwood

Castle Ashby League – Chiltern Baits/Drennan RAF

East Midlands League – Matrix Image/Tackle & Bates

Eastern league – Browning Ossett/Drennan Barnsley Blacks

Heronbrook League – Bagem Maver Midlands/Maver Gold Dynamite

Kent League – South East Match Group/Preston Innovations Delcac

Lancashire League – Matrix Leigh Tackle & Baits/Waynes Tackle Matrix

North East League – Cleveland Angling Centre/Pips Tackle

Oxford League – Drennan Oxford/Rive A4 MG

Soar Valley League – Quorn/Sensas Starlets

Tunnel Barn Farm League – Milo

Upper Thames League – Daiwa Gordon League/Garbolino Blackmore Vale

Warwickshire League – Cadence Superteam Bait-Tech/Drennan Leicester VDE

Wigan League – Preston Innovations Sonubaits North West/Saints


The Angling Trust Winter League commences at the beginning of October each year and leagues must complete their series by the end of December in the current series year.

Anglers in participating teams will not need to be Individual members of Angling Trust for this series, neither will the teams need to join Angling Trust, although we would expect leagues to actively encourage anglers and teams to join as members.

All leagues will appoint a league secretary/treasurer as point of contact who will be responsbile for ensuring compliance with rules and administration of the local league.

Paperwork is sent out to all leagues at the commencement of the league/s.

 ENTRY FEE is £80 per team

No AT membership requirements

Local leagues fish teams of 6, 8 or 10. To be determined locally

League secretaries will be requested to submit results on a weekly basis, a maximum of 3 days following the latest round of matches.

Grand Final
Number of teams qualifying for the Winter League Final (If 5 to 8 teams compete in their local leagues then 2 qualify through to the final. If 9 or more teams compete in their local league then 3 qualify for the final).

The Grand Final will be 1 day event split over 2 venues, 1 natural venue and 1 commercial fishery

Team sizes for the final will be 10 anglers, 5 anglers from each team will fish on each venue

The Angling Trust would like to thank you for your continued support with the Winter League. We hope you share our aspiration to grow participation and would ask you encourage new teams to join, leagues to form and for anglers and teams to join the Angling Trust as individual and team members.

Dates/Venues for AT Winter League 2019/20 Season.

Ancholme League -

(November) 10th – River Ancholme, 17th – River Ancholme, 24th – River Ancholme.

(December) 1st – River Ancholme, 8th – River Ancholme, 15th – River Ancholme.

(Reserve date) 22nd December – River Ancholme.

Avon Valley –

(October) 6th – K&A Canal Hungerford, 20th – Gold Valley Lakes, 27th - Wey Nav Woking.

(November) 3rd K&A Canal Hungerford, 17th – Gold Valley /Basy.

(December) 1st – Gold Valley / Basy.

Castle Ashby –

(October) 6th, 13th, 27th

(November) 10th, 17th

(December) 1st

(Reserve date) 8th & 15th December.

East Midlands –

(October) 6th – Littleport, Ten Mile Great Ouse, 20th – Old Nene March.

(November) 3rd – Old Nene Benwick, 10th – Old Nene Benwick, 24th – Old Nene March.

(December) 8th – Benwick / Factory Bank / 20ft.

(Reserve date) 15th December at Drains.

Eastern –

(October) 6th – New Junction, 13th – River Don, 20th – Hallcroft, 27th – Thorne.

(November) 3rd – Thorne, 10th – Selby.

Heronbrook –

(October) 13th, 27th

(November) 10th, 24th

(December) 8th, 22nd

Kent –

(October) 6th – Military Canal Aldergate, 13th – Military Canal Aldergate, 27th – Nickols Pit Hythe.

(November) 3rd – Nickols Pit Hythe, 17th – Frant Lakes, 24th – Frant Lakes.

Lancashire –

(October) 13th – High Heys, 20th – High Heys.

(November) 3rd – High Heys, 10th – High Heys, 17th – High Heys, 24th – High Heys.

North East –

(October) 6th – R Tees Yarm / Bowesfield, 20th – Woodlands Lakes, 27th – R Tees Yarm / Bowesfield.

(November) 10th – R Tees Yarm / Bowesfield, 24th – R Tees Yarm / Bowesfield.

(Reserve date) 8th December – Woodlands Lakes.

Oxford –

(October) 6th – Thames Child Beale, 13th – Thames Medley Folly, 20th – Thames Medley Folly, 27th – Thames Medley Folly.

(November) 3rd – K&A Canal Brimslade, 10th – Oxford Canal Oxford, 11th - Oxford Canal Oxford.

(Reserve date) 17th November – Oxford Canal Oxford.

Soar Valley –

(October) 20th – River Soar, 27th – River Soar.

(November) 10th – River Soar, 17th – River Soar.

(December) 1st – River Soar, 8th – River Soar.

Tunnel Barn –

(October) 27th – Tunnel Barn Farm.

(November) 3rd – Tunnel Barn Farm, 17th – Tunnel Barn Farm, 24th – Tunnel Barn Farm.

(December) 8th – Tunnel Barn Farm, 15th – Tunnel Barn Farm.

Upper Thames –

(October) 6th – River Thames Radcot, 20th – K&A Canal Horton.

(November) 3rd – River Avon Chippenham, 17th – River Avon Chippenham.

(December) 1st – K&A Canal Brimslade, 8th – K&A Canal Great Bedwyn.

(Reserve date) 15th December – K&A Canal Great Bedwyn.

Warwickshire –

(October) 6th – Soho Loop (Winson Green), 20th – Walsall Canal (Tipton).

(November) 3rd – Beeston Canal (Beeston), 17th – Grand Union Canal (Loughborough).

(December) 1st – Coventry Canal (City Centre), 15th – Coventry Canal (Atherstone).

Wigan –

(November) 3rd – Burscough, 10th – Heatons Bridge, 17th – Parbold, 24th – Appley Bridge.

(December) 1st – Burscough, 8th – Heatons Bridge.

(Reserve date) 15th December – Heatons Bridge.

Angling Trust Winter League 2018/19

Bordon beat countries finest to take AT Winter League Final

Drennan Bordon 2019

The Largest multi-venue final in the country took place this weekend which saw 300 anglers competing in the prestigious Angling Trust Winter League Final. Conditions for the Saturday saw temperatures saw to unseasonable mid-teens, which certainly saw the fishing at Decoy kick off.

The Format for the final is five anglers at Decoy Lakes and five anglers on the infamous Drains system and it was on the natural venue where the stand out winners made their hay!

Drennan Bordon Picture 2 2019

Drennan Bordon Match Team carded an incredible 12 points, with two firsts, two seconds and a sixth in section, to put them 11 points clear of their closest local rivals in Stanjay Gold. Stand out catches from the Drains were Brett Cooper's 9kg from March B17 which included 7 huge rudd and Matt Barnett's Drain winning 12kg 220g of roach, from the infamous 20ft, bagging on a top five.

It was then only a matter of a solid performance from their peg set at decoy and although the team only managed to come 12th out of the 30 teams, their 34 points gave them a total of 46, winning by a clear 6 points from Stanjay. Third place on the day was the ever-consistent Starlets AS, who carded good results on both venues and totalled 60 points.

Steve Barnett Drennan Bordons manager added “To say the lads are on top of the world is an understatement. All the years of hard work have finally paid off & the squad as a whole deserve to be champions. We built this team from scratch over many years, which makes it even sweeter”. To be crowned Champions is great for this Drennan Bordon team and gives us the platform to push on, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsor Drennan for their continued support, which has helped us out no end. On a personal note I would like to dedicate this win to my late father Tony who passed away just over two years ago and did so much for this team, I know he is up there looking down cheering us on.”

All results can be found at Match Angling Results Service - Maggetsand a break down the section performances of all the teams.

The Angling Trust would like to thank all the league organisers from around the country in making this contest the pinnacle of winter angling and to all the anglers that take part throughout. Looking ahead to 2020 we are looking at making a few minor changes, the most notable of which will see entry revert back to a slightly higher £80. This is to cover increased costs in pegs and time required to administer.


1. Drennan Bordon 46 points

2. Stanjay Gold 52 points

3. Starlets AS. 60 points

Angling Trust Winter League 2017/18

Winter League press release 2018

Maver Northwest clinch prestigious Angling Trust Winter League.

Maver Northwest stormed to victory on the ten man, split venue final, showing what a class act the team is on both Natural and commercial venues.

Prior to the draw all the talk was on the weather, with plummeting temperatures and the risk of ice in places, weights were expected to be down a little. However they need have not worried with both venues fishing well; 2.5kg was needed for a section win on the drains (most over 5kg) and at least 15kg needed on decoy, where 25kg was required on most lakes.

Leading the way on the drains was Tom Morretti (Preston Innovations Thatchers) with 11kg 970g. Tom drew peg 24 on the 20ft in an area known as footbridge and put together an impressive bag of Roach on short pole. This was followed by Will Freeman (Drennan Barnsley Blacks) who also drew on the 20ft, this time at chainbridge and used similar tactics to take 10kg 260g. Rounding out the top three was Brent Wilkes once more at footbridge with 9kg 640g just three pegs away from Tom on peg 21.

Looking at Decoy there were also some impressive weights. Head and shoulders above the rest was Andy Dyson, who drew on of the sheltered corners of Elm, peg 16. Andy caught quality carp and F1's to amass 105kg 150g which is an incredible double ton for the time of year. Second overall on Oak lake was Graham Welton (Stanjay Gold) who also put together an impressive bag of carp for 64kg 450g. Completing the frame was Dan Ashington (Sensas Starlets) who ran Graham all the way with an agonising 64kg 300g.

However the Winter Leagues main focus will always be on the team event and with 10 anglers it's critical that all team members catch and score good points. The most consistent team on the day and taking the Angling Trust Winter League title were Maver Northwest with an impressive 51 points. The team carded no fewer than five top 5's to take away the winners medals and a cool £3000 winners cheque. The team scored best on the drains with 6th being the lowest position in the team, however they also scored impressively on Decoy with Paul Balmforth carding a section win and Joe Cartwright taking second in his section.

This narrowly pipped last years winners Drennan Barnsley Blacks into second place who'd put together a 57 points in a very close affair for the top spot. Some tricky draws on Decoy meant they had too miuch work to do on the drains but still picked up £1500 for their efforts.

Third on the day were Sensas Starlets who amassed 73 points across their 10 man squad, this was just ahead of 6 other teams who all scored between 73-76 points, which shows just how fair the fishing is across these venues.

The Angling Trust would like to thank all of the hosting clubs, plus organisers on the drains and also to all the team at Decoy Lakes. Furthermore our thanks must go to all the volunteers who helped on the day and all of the teams for a full house attendance in some tricky travel conditions.


Winter League Results 2018

For the Angling Trust Winter League Results for Saturday 24th February 2018 on Decoy Lakes and Fenland Drains please click here.

Angling Trust Winter League 2016/17

Drennan Barnsley Blacks triumph in Winter League Final 2017

Barnsley Team photo

The winter league final was held once again on the Fenland Drains and Decoy Lakes on Saturday 25th February 2017. This split format is still in its infancy, however it is proving immensely popular with competitors as once again 34 teams of 10 battled it out for the title.

Last year’s champions Browning Ossett were keen to defend the title they won so convincingly last year, however it was local league rivals Drennan Barnsley Blacks who stormed to victory with an impressive 41 points.

Captain Glenn Lawrence said: “This title really has been a team effort, our local league is one of the toughest there is and our battle with Ossett is always an enjoyable one. We knew our two sets of anglers on both the drains and Decoy are incredibly strong, and had put in loads of effort. We got a draw capable of winning and the guys delivered once again.”

The win completes a fantastic season for Drennan Barnsley who have taken both the commercial national and division one national, along with this title in the last 12 months.

Close runners up were Starlets. Their fantastic 43 points total would have been enough to win on many occasions. Completing the podium were Drennan Oxford, who were delighted with their 3rd place finish after putting in weeks of hard work.

On the individual front Andy Geldart made no mistake from fancied peg 6 on Lou’s lake. The Drennan Barnlsey man making it a team and individual double with a fine 87kg 200g of carp taken on a mixture of pole and bomb.

The drains also fished fantastically well with the top 3 all recording over 15kg. It was Shaun Bryan who took a catch of tench from the bypass section of the Old Nene at March, just beating Rob Wright's fantastic 15kg 100g of roach from the 20ft drain.

Organiser Lee Kerry said: “The fishing on both venues has been fantastic. Last year I was pleased but this year with over 100 anglers on the drains weighing over 3kg, after weeks of practice, it shows just how good this system is. I have no doubt we have found the home of the winter league final for years to come.”

Please click here for Winter League team results (with section comparison) 2017
Please click here for Winter League Match Result 2017
Please click here for Winter League section result 2017
Please click here for Winter League team results (without section comparison) 2017


Angling Trust Winter League 2015/16          

Ossett Winners

 Team Ossett, Winter League Champions 

Results available here or at the bottom of this page

The 2015/16 Winter League final saw 340 anglers and 34 teams from across the country compete on the Fenland Drains and Decoy Lakes in Peterborough. Team Ossett from Yorkshire delivered a superb performance to secure a cheque for £3,000 and the title of Winter League winners, their first win in the competition.

For the first time ever the final was held in February and was split over two types of venues providing commercial experts and natural water enthusiasts with the opportunity to pit their wits against one another in a true Winter League final. 

In the weeks leading up to the final, conditions had been up and down, which always has an effect on the fishing.  With teams practicing intensely, the venues held up well, but sharp frosts and a cold easterly wind made for a tighter match come the day.

On the Drains, March, Benwick, 20 foot and Factory Bank were all in play and fished consistently as more than half the field weighed over 2kg. The shoals of tench didn't show, however the highlight of the match came from Browning Hotrods member Andy Moss with a superb 10kg of rudd. This was enough for him to secure first place individual honours in the match while Steve Barnett of Drennan Bordon and Maver Midlands Dave White took second and third respectively with catches of 7kg 310gm and 6kg 800.

Despite a bitterly cold east wind Decoy Lakes proved once again why it was the place to be. The match was spread across the whole complex and over half the field weighed over 15kg and thirty seven anglers weighed 20kg or more. It was the strip lakes where the big weights were recorded with Jason Collins from Preston innovations Delcac weighing in a mighty 86kg 200gm to take the individual honours while Ossett’s Nicky Crooks weighed 81kg 700gm to take second place and Maver Midlands angler Harry Rushden bagged 54kg 850gm to take third in the match.

The final enjoyed the biggest pay out for a number of years with over £13,000 paid out on the day, the top ten teams securing prize money along with top three individuals from both the Drains and Decoy and twenty sub section winners.

Angling Trust would like to say a huge thank you to competition sponsors Ted Fisher for their support and to Sensas Mark One for their support on the day of the final.

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